Defined by Struggle

If I were to say to your character “what struggle means more to you than anything else?” What would he or she say? Or, if you prefer to answer from the player perspective, what is your character’s core issue that drives him or her?

I’ll start with the characters I can remember and rate how strongly I think the issue drove them. Here is the format:

Character Concept:
Driving goal:
Strength of that goal:
If the goal is strong, how far have you gotten with it:
How fun is it to play this character:

Name: Francois
Character Concept: Werewolf from the gutter
System: Werewolf the Apocalypse
Driving Goal: Francois is driven by a desire to create fashion, he wants to be praised for his skills and creativity instead of his brawn.
Strength of that goal: Very strong
If the goal is strong, how far have you gotten with it: No where yet, game is still young.
How fun is it to play Francois: Only played once. So far, very fun. 8/10

Name: Hin Won Chin
Character Concept: Reformed martial artist villain
System: Spirit of the Century
Driving Goal: Does Hin have a goal? Defeat evil doers and enjoy the finer things in life (watching opera, eating prize winning soufflé)
Strength of that goal: Pretty weak
How fun is it to play Hin: 7/10 – Fun as a shtick, fun because he can do zany gimmicks, not because of his goals.

Name: Drail (means “I am your friend”)
Character Concept: Court Gossip
System: Houses of the Blooded
Driving Goal: Learn gossip, incite others to violence, try to juggle as many balls as possible. Maintain gender anonymous
Strength of that goal: Moderate, Drail has other convictions as well. S/he is not defined by the goal.
If the goal is strong, how far have you gotten with it: Moderate success, definitely stirred things up.
How fun is it to play Drail: It was fun for the goof around factor, but I didn’t pull the strings as much as I would have liked to 7/10

Name: Elfton
Character Concept: Dumb as rocks Elf, a clown
System: D&D 4th Edtion
Driving Goal: Terrify friends with stories of his youth. Be useful when nobody suspects it
Strength of that goal: Moderate, it’s D&D, its mostly just about killing things
How fun is it to play Elfton: It depends on my mood. If I just feel like playing a shtick, or just want to kill stuff, good times, if I want story, it isn’t going to happen 6/10.

I’ve got others but those are all characters I’ve played in the last two weeks so I remember them well. Do me a favor, comment with your character’s information, especially if they are games that I have run.

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