Actual Play – Choshky’s has Fallen… Steampunk Rises from the Ashes (4/1/2009)

Not sure if I can call this actual play or not but here goes. We got together for lunch to figure out what to do now that the season of Choshky’s has ended. We agreed that we wanted to keep playing PTA but that Choshky’s probably wouldn’t be renewed. So… time for another pitch session.

One of the players who has run PTA for another group had luck with the pitch by having everyone throw in one element they wanted to see in the show. This rocked for getting our juices flowing. We ended up with Janitors in a Strip club and another pitch for normal kids in a school for gifted, I think sent from the future. Both of those got shelved however, but the promise of Steampunk.

Set in some anachronistic time, inside some metropolis where power has been put in the hands of heartless people, our band of rebels stands for justice, freedom and sheep. The game will be more action oriented and focus on the man vs. man and man vs. machine conflicts. I think, what makes a man will become an important question to ask.

We haven’t thought of complete cast yet but some ideas that have already been thrown out are a shepherd with a flock of clockwork sheep, a deep sea diver who never removes his dive helmet, and perhaps a clockwork solider. Given that we’re part of a rebellion, this motley group will probably work just fine.

What rocked

We laughed our asses off thinking of different pitch ideas.

I’m excited to play in a somewhat less slapstick game. I already have plans for torturing my character.

What could have been improved

It took us a while to start pitches so we didn’t complete the session, I want to make sure before we start we’ve got a story to go with. That will probably come out next week.

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