An uncomfortable situation – social challenge

I was in a crowded restaurant where I didn’t speak the language and I was having a hard time getting the server’s attention. It seemed like the place was full of regulars who were very comfortable. They were laughing and joking and seemed at ease. Meanwhile I was trying to be polite, but also very much needed to get the bill, pay the bill, and get out to catch a train. I didn’t want too aggressive, but I wanted to be noticed, which got me thinking about a Risky Standard challenges.

The Leaky Bucket

The crew of scoundrels enters the half subterranean tavern festooned with the titular buckets to catch the drips coming from the ceiling and the place is filled with a mix of Lampblacks, Crows, and a few locals invariably intertwined with one or both gang. Bazso Baz sits at a table in the back, surrounded by his lieutenants, who form a wall of conversation. Nobody is paying attention to you, and when they do give you a look it’s a sneer indicating you don’t belong here. One wrong move here will get you kicked out of the bar, beaten up, or worse. How will you get his attention?

Factors that influence position or effect:

  • Do you know anyone here? (Could improve position if you do, might reduce effect if you don’t)
  • Are you affiliated with the Red Sashes (Desperate situation right off the bat).

Possible consequences:

  • Gaining Picket, Bazso, or another patron as an enemy.
  • Kicked out (lost opportunity).
  • Level 1 Harm (Beaten up).

Tons of other factors can go into this, but I think “how do I fit into a place that isn’t welcoming to me” is a good one to ask when navigating unfamiliar factions.


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