Actual Play – Your Home Away from Home (7/21/2013)

PathfinderCoreCoverGM: Brian Isikoff
Players: Dennis Jordan, Regina Joyner, Karen Twelves, and Sean Nittner
System: Pathfinder
Campaign: The Slumbering Tsar

After a bit of a break (and me missing the last session), we’ve picked back up on the Slumbering Tsar game with Brian. We had been talking about converting back to Pathfinder (from DCC) a few times and over the last break we did it. With some help from Hero Labs we made 8th level Pathfinder versions of our DCC selves.

“I hit it with my faith stick!”

I missed the morning half of the game but it was for a good cause (my little one was turning 8… I know, crazy).

As I waled in I said “I hit it with my faith stick” and low-and-behold they were actually fighting some undead. Woots.

I came in at the tail end of the combat, but was happy that I arrived just in time for loot! and XP! Ninja Cleric.

We had cleared out and old burial mound from it’s undead occupants, and although still unholy ground, it wasn’t nearly so bad as many of the places we had been! We delivered a bit later and then got an email from Brian with the subject line.

Your Home Away from Home

Here was the content


What a sweet heart.

On to more murdering, er questing

When you kill undead is it really killing? It seems like they are already dead so it should be called something else. Living maybe?

We moved west and found an awesome Firestation still manned by armies of light, now corrupted and turned undead! So we sanctified them with positive energy of destruction! And then, we interred the bodies (probably for the 2nd time) and sanctified their bodies by the light of Muir.

Thoughts on the game

I can really sink my teeth into pathfinder in a way I couldn’t at all with DCC. I figure if I’m going to play a combat heavy game (which not all D&D is, but Slumbering Tsar certainly is) I want that game to make combat fun an interesting for me, and Pathfinder scratches that itch much better than DCC did. I’m happy for the change.

The analog of Clerics casting buffs on people as being drug pushes was made a few times, and the more we talked about it, the more apt it seemed. Kail (my cleric) is a total heroin of the gods dealer.  It’s good times.

TARK!!! – Brian is fantastic and describing epic deaths wreathed in flames!

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