Actual Play – Why Hello Master Tiger (8/16/2010)

GM: Travis Lindquist
Players: Chris, Steve, Sean, Omar and Fattig
System: L5R

Back to saving the Empire.

Shimizu went in search of the Emperor… it looks like he headed back to Mantis lands to learn from the Yoritomo.

Rei resolved a dispute about who was in command of the Lion armies by declaring herself the leader and then passing command down to the Taisa that a) was going to throw a fit if he didn’t lead and b) wanted to attack the Unicorn (which was Rei’s idea as well… it’s always Rei’s idea to attack the Unicorn). Crap… I totally missed my opportunity to just send them all on the Dragonfly! Lion Fail!

Omar did Scorpion things, which in this case meant pissing the Sapphire Champion off (he really doesn’t like Scorpion… especially Scorpion Women) and then rounding up some Orochi riders to drag and island (yes you read that right, it’s a floater) till it touched land. And he saw the spider that will eat the world under water down there. Actually it wasn’t very Scorpion, unless it was Bitter Lies style. But I don’t know your character at all Omar (not even her name) so I just assume she is sneaky scorpion. You gotta get a character tent!

Tso-Lou went up to the Dragon lands and was part of the summoning of Togashi himself, who restored the three monk orders, which were going totally insane. They are all Togashi monks now. Bits with his son (ginichi, sp?) were very cool to, the kid is a total brawler in the making.

Washichi had the spotlight story of the night. He traveled to the Khol army and with a group of Ox defended the lines from Yobanjin attacks. Only he protected a very specific place that he knew (from the wisdom of the kami) held something strange down in a sinkhole. Bravely, in a way that would have made Rei proud, he lead the army against the Yobanjin and despite all odds, came out victorious. Meanwhile he sent Jo (Rei’s son who he had agreed to foster) to investigate the sinkhole… where he found Master Tiger (Leader of the Kolat, dudes who want to bring down the Empire), who was dying and passed off his ivory mask, scrolls and wisdom to the new Master Tiger. Yep, my son! Oh this will be good.

What rocked

Before we all split up I had a lot of fun interacting with the other Samurai. Shimizu and Omar were taking bets on how long my new Gunso would last. Washichi offered to take care of Jo for a month, to which Rei first responded by berating him with insults and then, after she had gotten them out of her system, agreed to let Washichi take him. Washichi replied that if hitting him would have made her feel better she should have done that, so she gave him a black eye… and low and behold did feel a lot better.

Seeing Togashi (and all the crazy monks) was a lot of fun. Tso-Lou’s plans to use the mountain animals as a distraction was good stuff too.

The story of Jo has just become a lot more interesting.

What could have improved

I was pretty distracted during the night because of non-game things and I felt like my distraction, then distracted others. Overall the group wasn’t as focused as normal.

I think the “search for the emperor” option is kind of dry. It’s go to a place and ask around to get leads. I think maybe it should play out a bit more like the other options of “solve this problem” and you get a reward (in this case, the lead).

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  1. I still wish I didn’t have my current weekly game on monday as well. Good thing you guys dont have room for one more, as I’d be forced to make a terrible decision.

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