Actual Play – Who Do that Voodoo That You Do Too? (4/25/2011)

GM: Sean Nittner
Players: Chris, Fattig, Alec and Steve
System: Dresden Files

I was talking to Lenny before this game about Rob Donoghue’s principals of storytelling, namely that you don’t need system to reinforce a good story. There are decisions you can make as a GM or a group that have meaningful effects on a game, without the system needing to be their to back that up. Now, this isn’t a place where I want to debate “system matters”, I’m still firmly in that camp, but it did color the way I started my game, which was.

Asking questions

The first thing I did during the game was ask who thought their character was in hot water and with whom? How much would that effect them? Did they have any grudges of their own? What about praise? Basically, I wanted to throw out their how the world had changed with respect to the PCs as a result of the Major Milestone they just achieved.

I don’t have the list but here are a few highlights.

Mab is tickled pink (well as pink as the ice queen can get, which is probably white) with her winter knight. He went way above and beyond the call of duty to fulfill not just the letter of his obligation to her, but the spirit as well. A uniquely human approach to performing a duty.

And, if the Jade Court does exist, they are delighted with the group as a whole, even if they don’t know about them specifically. By fouling up the Red Court’s offer to Winter, Armand disgraced the Red Court and had left their contract with Winter in Limbo, giving the Jade court (or any other faction for that matter) an opportunity to take their place and gain Mab’s favor in the city.

That’s the good news, the bad news is that just about everyone else hates just about all of the PCs.

Raoul’s coach was unlawfully arrested and then left in a police car. He doesn’t really have much room for direct recourse, but we established that he knew Raoul’s family, so he’ll cause some pain for “Railroad” that way.

Rose signed herself into Armand’s custody, and oath was made there she didn’t know about.

Remington crossed the threshold of a Buddhist Temple. The Winter Knight was caught trespassing on holy ground.

Itsuaki is in critical condition, he may or may not make it.

Daiske and Remington have a mad hate on for each other now. (Remington hates Daiskie for harming the Winter Lady, Daiske hates Remington for creating an opening for the Jade Court)

VC, Monroe and Raoul all busted into the Japanese embassy. There are legal represucssions to come.

Note from Sean: Sorry folks, this got lost by the wayside. Since the next game is tonight this is going out as is with a very brief summary of the crime.

A pimp and heroin dealer is dead (victim name: Ringo). Loa are involved. There are several suspects including:

  • Jean Emmanuel Baptiste – A voodoo practitioner (or at least aware of the loa)
  • All Star – A rival drug dealer of Ringos.
  • David – The father of a dead prostitute Marie who blamed Ringo for her death and swore revenge.

What rocked

Rose got the drug dealer name “Little Rosita”.

Players were happy to self incriminate, fun stuff will come from it.

Remington got the sword of winter. A big ass broadsword that is cold to the touch, and he’s go nowhere to put it.

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