Actual Play – Werewolf is Dead – Demon has Arisen

System: Demon: The Fallen

On Sunday we decided that our once 8-player Werewolf game was down to 3-4 regular players and it couldn’t stand on its own. So, we talked for a couple hours and decided to run a Demon game.

Here is the premise I’m shooting for:

Since the fall, Lucifer has never been with us. He disappeared and never entered hell with the rest of us. Some of us turn our backs on his cause, decided to seek power by our own means, or worse accept the punishment He gave us. But my allies held true to our cause. Our love for humanity has not faded, ever after millennia of torture.

After the gates of the Abyss were broken many of our kind returned to earth in search of him, but their reports were dismal at best. The once paradise was now a base land and the people we protected hardly seemed worth our trust, let alone our protection. My friends and I were patient. Even with the doors rent apart, we stayed in our cells waiting for a sign, a sign that the Morning Star was ready to lead us once more.

Patience is a virtue, and eventually we saw the sign, though not without sacrifice. Another faction, the Cryptics, insufferable academics that believe they can unweave what was done by merely surrendering to the fact that this was all part of His plan and that we must now figure out our new roles… our new roles in His perfect mind. I’ve got news for you Crypics, the shit has hit the fan, the plan is busted, we’re not on the rails anymore. Nobody, not even Him, knows what’s going to happen next.

But I digress, the Cryptics in their search for knowledge uncovered one of the Earthbound. Powerful angels that escaped one form of wrath only to suffer another. Instead of being trapped in Hell all these years, they’ve been trapped on earth. Separated from both sides of the choir. Yes, we’ve been tortured, but at least we had each other. They… they’ve been alone, save a very few. But maybe, if our leader never came to Hell, maybe he was on earth, maybe they know where he is. And the Cryptics have found one, or at least the artifact of one, a vessel of knowledge that could lead them to him.

And what do these great minds do with such prized information. They sit on it. Yes, that’s right. A eon to think of your next play and these morons are paralyzed by their own wisdom, moving their knight back and forth for fear of making a mistake. Well suckers, it’s going to be checkmake sooner or later, and I’m going to at least take the chance to win rather than condemn myself to His so-called infallible plan. So we talked to them, asked for the vessel, told them what we could to, how wonderful it could be, hell we even lied and told them that an Earthbound was certain to have knowledge and that the first thing we’d do is share it with them.

But this was a secret they want kept hidden. So they ignored our pleas and buried it. Locked it up and threw away the key…

…Some of us can make keys however and some of us know that the correct application of a jack-hammer with break any door. So we stole it. That’s right. We had a whole plan. One of us to distract them, one to pick the proverbial lock, one to fight out way out, one to guide the team and one… one to find us an exit. A way out from hell, where we could put some distance between the Cryptics and us and where it would bring us closer to this Earthbound.

So now we’re here, in bodies that could barely stand on their own. And our mission is clear, find the Earthbound, find the leader of the Rebellion. Or it seemed clear. This vessel is more that we thought and harder to understand that we expected. And the Cryptics didn’t take nice to our little heist. They are after us, but they aren’t alone. Other factions like the Faustians don’t want us ruining their little empires by breaking the status quo. And there are others… creatures in the darkness that have taken over since we’ve left. Some our foes, some our friends, impossible to tell until we’ve met them.  It is a dark day indeed.

You’ll then appreciate the very bitter irony when I say “May god help us…”

9 thoughts on “Actual Play – Werewolf is Dead – Demon has Arisen”

    1. You up for making the trek up to my place every other Sunday night? If so we’d love to have you in the game. If not, I totally understand, I couldn’t keep it up.

        1. It will never be said that you don’t live by the mantra “if you want a game, run it” but yeah, I know how you feel. Some times you really want to PLAY in one of the cool games out there.

          I bet Blinkie (if he wasn’t overwhelmed in being a dad land) would run Demon.

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