Actual Play – Voyage to Sorvereignstead (7/22/2014)

dungeon_world_finalGM: Justin Evans
Players: Greg Bailey, Josh Curtis, and Sean Nittner
System: Dungeon World
Dungeon/Adventure: The Black Spot

Introduction the the night’s adventure

A fine red mist paints the sand as Merryweather’s body crumples to the ground…his gout of blood is your call to action.

Longboats from the Savage Fall have found you and now blockade the smuggler’s cove. How did they find you so quickly? Why are they so damned persistent?

This island hasn’t been the haven you were hoping for, and your ploy didn’t give you as much time to regroup as you had hoped…but perhaps it has found you new allies. Once charged with delivering you to Fort Shackleton in chains, Captain Grace Harrington lays unconscious at your feet. Her first mate looks to you with pleading eyes. They could prove valuable but are they worth the trouble?

Assuming you can run the blockade and raise your sail on the open seas, where will you go? You’ll need a bigger ship and the crew to man her if you’re to find the Blind Hermit and follow the Mad Minstrel’s verse to fortune and glory!

To the ships

Without another hope for escaping the island, our heroes and their un-trusting ex-captor made their way down to the beach, fought off the the few crew of the Savage Fall that remained their, stole a ship and made haste for Sorvereignstead.

Getting there was a perilous journey but we made it in good time and (reasonably) well fed!


Sorvereignstead reminds you of the flotsam that collects on the shore after a storm. A mix of rabble, randomly jumbled around but pushed into a kind of pattern by the sea. You eye it warily, each with your own agendas. There’s lots to get done in town but your lead on the Savage Fall was not great and her sails are far more grand. You don’t see her at anchor but that doesn’t mean she hasn’t been here already…or that she won’t crest the horizon at any moment. If you’re lucky, she may have spent some time scouring the islands during her hunt, buying you some time.

You need to:

  • Infiltrate town
  • Try not getting killed
  • Find a healer for William Golden and Captain Harrington
  • Not get killed some more
  • See what prospects there are for a ship and supplies
  • Without getting killed
  • Track down the Blind Hermit
    …and not get killed

Thoughts on this game

Our game was cut short, but I await the further adventures of Left Hand Lew, Minotaur, and William Golden!

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