Actual Play – Trait Vote (3/5/2012)

GM: Shaun Hayworth
Players: Sean Nittner, Kristin Hayworth, Justin Dhiel
System: Burning Wheel
Setting: Burning Theorsa

The boy king found and returned to Theorsa, the mighty Crown of Kings recovered as well, our heroes returned triumphant. Only they were embittered and broken and miserable.

Beliefs and Instincts

Our beliefs and instincts, I think spell out just how bad off our next chronicle was going to start though. Here are the relevant ones I knew would lead to gnarly in-fighting:


  • Beliefs: My servant Moya disapproves of me and her chiding has become insufferable. When we arrive in Theorsa, I’ll have her flogged for her insolence.
  • Instinct: Never hide my name
  • Instinct: Always keep a stiff drink in hand.


  • Belief: Baldric has done nothing but feel sorry for himself since we beat Feraxis. I will convince him that Aziz will never succeed as king with such a sorry excuse for a leader and friend.
  • Instinct: Follow Baldric’s orders without question.
  • Instinct: Never speak of the family secret.


  • Belief: I’m a servant again after so recently gaining my freedom. I want to push Baldric enough to find his breaking point.
  • Belief: Moya could be free of the Duke and her life as a member of a great family. I will try to convince her to act against the wishes of her father.
  • Instinct:Answer aggression with steel.

Trait Vote


Voted On

Voted Off


Mercenary, The killer


Protective, Fortitude, Obstinate

Spiteful, Bastard


Aura Of, Determination, Maudlin, Hypocrite

Idealistic, Determined (upgraded)


Forgiving, Peacemaker

Ink-Stained Hands, Sonorous Voice




Some explanation is in order for some of these:

Afon – Well, he just doesn’t think twice before gutting someone. And he should have had mercenary all along, Afon is THE consummate mercenary.

Moya – She has change so much during play, from being very self involved to taking charge of the mission to make sure it succeeds. Bastard was removed specifically because of the Dragon’s magic. She was no longer the daughter of Duke Rothgarn, so she couldn’t be his bastard. Spiteful was removed as the character had just been far less concerned with her own personal grievances. The traits she gained were all just very much inline with the way Kristin has been playing her.

Balrdic – Oh Baldric you sod. After killing so many innocent people but berating Afon for killing a single one, we finally had to consent that he both lost the idealistic trait (the world is an ugly place) and gained Hypocrite.  Also, as his world had been wrecked and he turned to drinking and whoring he took the Maudlin trait. One good thing did happen though, all his sacrifices and horrific acts took the previously voted on character trait “Determined” and bumped it up to the massively powerful “Aura of Determination”. I had been pushing hard for this one ad was really glad I got it.

Eogan – Man, he just didn’t get a chance to do much after the stabbing.  We voted off traits that had never showed up and added ones that reflected how “forgiving” he was to Owain, after the boy nearly killed him.

Owain/Aziz – Though and NPC he had been played for a couple of games by Noam and in those games really came to life. His faith was so devout and so powerful that we wanted to give him something for it. We decided that he had spent time with his god (a Dragon). We were going to call it Faithful but decided that his God’s magic was sorcery, so we voted on gifted. Awesome!




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