Actual Play – Toturi V (11/22/2010)

GM: Travis Lindquist
Players: Sean, Tracy, Steve, Alec, Omar, and Fattig
System: L5R

This was it, the end of the campaign and the L5R game. We had two epic fronts. At Toshi Ranbo Matsu Rei was leading Hida Kisada’s forces to conquer the city, while Ikoma Tso-Lou was defending it. In the Shadowloands Kakita Shimizu brought all the forces he could muster to rescue the emperor, while Sodano Shiko served his new master, the Shadow Dragon, in creating a new threat for all of Rokugan.

Kuni Shinji and Shosuro Miho had more personal but no less epic goals. Shinji thwarted the earthworks of the Kaiu and ousted them from the Crab clan for turning on Kisada. Miho’s action was perhaps the complex and cataclysmic. Perfectly impersonating Rei she attempted to assassinate Hida Kisada. Though she failed, and was killed, nearly instantaneously, the act broke Kisada’s will. He called Rei a traitor and called off his forces, ending the siege.

Amidst all of this Shimizu was finally able to fulfill his destiny as a great Kenshinsen duelist, the protector of the emperor, the bearer of Kakita’s blade, and Emerald Champion.

Tso-Lou was championed the greatest general of his time, made the Lion Champion, and raised a son who became the Badger Daimyo through marriage.

Miho’s fate was unknown. As many scorpion she put her duty before all else. Her assassination succeeded more than she could have hoped. Not only did she convince Kisada to turn back his army, but out of grief and remorse he committed Seppuku, sending the last of the living fortunes, back through oblivions gate.

Shinji would lead a rough life, enemy of the former Kaiu clan Daimyo, her efforts fortified the strength of the remaining crab, protecting Hiruma castle and the border to the Shadowlands.

Shiko served his own master so well, he was appointed the Shadow Dragon’s chief emissary in Rokugan. Beneath him was the now Shadow and Shadowland tainted Sezaru, who’s goal, after Nasaru and Kaneka died was to claim the throne for himself. Shiko, Sezaru and Daigotsu formed an unholy allegiance that would shake the borders of Rokugan.

Rei, next in line for succession to the throne, went to hell, so that her son might be a wise emperor with Shinjo as his regent. I believe by the precedent set by Nasaru, Rei was Toturi IV, even though the station was granted posthumously. Her higher purpose fulfilled, she gave the empire a leader, and a great one at that.

Below are the tweets made during the game.

  • Big wigs present so far at the end of Act 2: Nasaru, Kaneka, The Wolf, Kisada, Paneki, Kommei-no-oni. All hell has broken lose #L5R
  • Shimizu is charging the Oni and now he’s in Kaneka’s body. Body snatchers for the win. #L5R
  • It’s appropriate because Miho is going die. I’m just trying to find out how much she dies by. #L5R (Don’t attack The Great Bear)
  • Rei has final words with Tso-Lou. She admits treason and begs for Seppuku. He refuses. They duel. She throws the duel and dies. Epic #L5R
  • Shiko gives a scroll to a corrupted Sezaru. It’s black! The Tao of Fu Leng is found. Extra epic. #L5R
  • Shimizu earns the emnity of Kaneka by having his body. But in the shrine he’s found “Kakita’s blade”. Go spank that Oni. #L5R
  • The Emperor dies in Shimizu’s arms. His heir (Kaneka) left dying in the battlefield. The Empire is lost #L5R
  • Shiko commands Sezaru to kill them all, leaving only Nadu as a witness. Sezaru claims the throne to the NEW empire, Shiko his master. #L5R
  • Nasaru claims a new heir, his sister’s daughter Matsu Rei. Nice. She’s dead. That will pass to Jo, her enlightened son. #L5R
  • Rei is offered to return to earth by two of the Four Winds going to hell, but takes the honor herself. Her purpose complete. #L5R
  • Jo is the new Emperor. Shinjo his regent. The destroyer is coming for all. #L5R
  • Six different potential emperors tonight (Nasaru, Sezaru, Kaneka, Kisada, Rei and finally Jo). Toturi V gempukus Toturi Miyazaki #L5R Fin.

What rocked

Each of us was allowed to forge epic destinies, some of our choice, all fitting to the player.

Looking back, all the time that Rei screamed about her horrible ancestors, she was committing blasphemy. Awesome!

As noted above, several of us fulfilled great destines, and/or higher purposes.

Rei got to have some closure with the two characters she cared the most about at the end of the game: Tso-Lou and Jo.

Miho’s death was meaningful in ways that I’m pretty sure Omar had no idea of. The fact that Matsu Rei will be heralded as both a hero and a traitor makes me quite happy. Who says only the Scorpion can do horrible things to fulfill their duty?

What could have improved

We need to name the battle. I’d like to nominate the “Battle of Broken Promises” as a possibility. Either that or “Kisada’s Folly”


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