Actual Play – Thommer saves the day! (11/20/2013)

torchbearer-rpgGM: Sean Nittner
Players: Jon Edwards, Tim Sanders, and Soren Ludwig
System: Torchbearer
Module: Temple of Elemental Evil

Sometimes just getting to the dungeon is half the trouble. As a result of a failed pathfinder roll on their way back to the Moathouse, Thaspar and crew ran into Delmar and his new friends.


Orrin recounted the story from last session Leaving Hommlett with baggage in hand! Orrin had high hopes for Thaspar’s brother James. He might be a helpful bag carrier, or worst case, his wooden sword could be set on fire to act as a torch. He then got creative with his recounting, substituting bandit swords for ice cream!

I had just written the AP report, so as the ever helpful GM I filled in some details.

Stabbing On Air

Stabbing turn by turn

Turn 3 – “Get lost before you get what’s coming to you” was quickly followed with spears and shield in faces! Epic Conflict!

[Starting disposition. Bandits: 11. Adventurers: 7]

13 brutal exchanges later, injured and dead bodies were strewn all over the road. (Delmar; Left for dead…and then really dead, Joseph: Fled, Milton: Dead, Terrance: Dead, Swell: Fled, Jamie: Fled)

[Ending disposition. Bandits: 0. Adventurers: 1]

The bandits (those alive) scampered off to lick their wound. The party was all beaten and battered, except Thommer, who was merely exhausted from being the last man standing. [Condition: Injured  for everyone except Thommer, who was Exhausted]

Loot Found: Delmar’s sword, Thaspar’s stolen dagger (this was loot granted by me). Also: a shield (Milton’s), a rusty nail and dry leaves (the results I actually rolled)

Turn 4 – As they were all brutalized, Thommer set about to secure a space to make camp and tend their wounds. He searched through the trees for a dense brush and cleared a space beneath it. [Survivalist Ob 3 (increased due to exhaustion). Result: Success] With the help of his friends, Thommer made a safe came [Camp results table: Safe camp]

Waiting for him to regain consciousness… Thaspar tied up Delmar to question him later. It was good timing to make camp, as everyone was now Hungry & Thirsty. 

Thoughts on the game

Note to self: Six Bandits (Fighter: 4, Order of Might: 2) are really dangerous for a part of three adventurers (even if they have a “helper”)

We finally got to see daggers vs. Spears and Bows (both even!). It was pretty rad.

The battle was a good demonstration of seeing the defend action bring people back into the fight! (Long drawn out conflicts make it possible)

When you really want a fight to end, script Feint, Feint, Feint. By the fourth exchange I was really ready for the fight to end so I went for it. Results were mixed. I thought they were dead meat… and then my dice betrayed me! [0 successes on 5 dice]

Armor played a major role in this fight, as did it’s interaction with weapons (Leather don’t work against bows for instance).

Wisely the players earned a lot of checks during the fight, so they could camp afterwards.

Note for next game: Thommer wants to convince James to go home. Thaspar wants to get information out of Delmar. Everyone is Injured except Thommer who is Exhausted.

Quote: “I get her in the eyes!”

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