Actual Play – The Past Corrected (5/26/2016)

dungeon_world_finalGM: Edmund Metheny
Players: Sophie Lagacé, Karen Twelves, and Sean Nittner
System: Dungeon World
Setting: Land of 10,000 Gods

In The Golden Cornucopia of Nourishment That Yields the Purest Milk and Cheese This Side of the Great River, our heroes slumbered after a long journey, and a very confusing day.

And they woke to destruction and chaos by way of tender romance.

Long’s attention

Rahi, who was to big to fit in a Yaksa bed was sleeping in a hay loft outside Merit’s families house. She was stirred away by hearing something approach. That something was Long (Merit’s brother) who was coming to check on her in that way that was both sweet and stalkery.

They talked and he revealed, if not with words then with body language, that he had missed Rahi these last five years (FIVE IMAGINARY YEARS MIND YOU) and still pined for her. Rahi didn’t really get a chance to respond with her feelings, because Long was then pulled down the ladder by something snarling and ferocious.

The town is Burning – It’s all Ram’s Fault

Rahi ran out to find what had taken long and discovered two gnolls, each about to devour him…

Kanta was sleeping and woke to the sounds of gnolls tearing open the wall of the yaksa home, grabbing hold of Dazzling (the mayor’s daughter) and preparing to tear her apart…

Merit woke crazy early to bake some bread (having broken down and fallen into the rhythm of her old life) but her bake was ruined when a castle size gnoll ripped the roof off her home…

Like heroes do

Rahi slashed at the gnolls, protecting Long from them, then chased the creatures to the temple of Durga.

Kanta used her magic to perform the worst of offenses…she lied. She told the gnolls that she was their dark god and they must follower her, which the believed but only after she accepted Dazzling as a sacrifice (which the mayor and his family saw her do).

Merit distracted the titanic gnoll so her family could escape, then led out of the village, to the temple of Durga.

Righting Wrongs

Through all this, Ram continued to appear to each of us, telling us that none of this was real, and that we could not save them. HA! Ha is what I say to that!

Rahi realized the giant gnoll was the same one that destroyed Merit’s village five years ago and faced it with her holy blade.

Kanta transposed the present with the past, overlaying realities on top of each other, so the heroes might not only defend the village today, but in the past as well.

Merit through her blade at the flicking past image of the gnoll and shattered it into a thousand shards of scintillating reality (five years ago Death was not dead, so the creature could be killed).

No danger in time travel

Rahi announced her new significant other Long.

Merit returned home for real this time.

Kanta was found doing a terrible job of trying to cut out her tongue but only made it half way through.

Yep, all is well. Oh, but the Mayor has the funniest feeling that he shouldn’t trust Kanta. Go figure


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