Actual Play – Stardancer: Origins (4/2/2017)

GM: Stras Acimovic
Players: Jory Bowers, Andi Carrison, and Sean Nittner
System: Scum & Villainy

Yay, we’re streaming Scum and Villainy on

So excited! Only this session wasn’t streamed, because were we doing ship/character creation and sound/video checks all in one. I recorded, but the video is a mess. Here’s the highlights:

Ship Selection

We talked about all three ships, including the Cerberus and the Fire Drake but quickly settled on the Stardancer. I mean, who doesn’t want blockade running, space smuggling adventures the like of Firefly and Guardians of the Galaxy. This was an easy one for us:

This freighter has seen some miles, but with a loving engineer, and some illegal modifications it’s become a fast little ship that’s equipped to get places it’s not supposed to and carry things it shouldn’t.


Character Creation

So who are our plucky criminals?

Bhaz Viridian (Andi) is a spacer from the rim. Part of a family of miners, she went to the guild of engineers but dropped out and ended up working with the Cobalt Syndicate because Shod, a friend of hers got her the job. She helped them get arms to fuel their constant war for workers rights but also decided that syndicate life, though a boon to her family, wasn’t the life for her. When a deal with south with the Janus Syndicate (the arms dealers that were supplying them) she ended up narrowly escaping an ambush with her contact from Janus, Faye. Since then they’ve been hopping the stars together.

Laren Hex (Jory) grew up in the centeral system, an orphan taken in by the Church of the Stellar Flame, who both straightened him out in a religious way, and supported him through his studies. He worked his way up the ranks in the Hegemonic News Network until he had his own show. Unfortunately for Laren, he poked around in some places he shouldn’t have, and a scandal was manufactured to oust him from the network, and effectively force him out of high society. He’s now laying low on the out on the Rin sector, but his trouble has followed him here and House Malklaith, members of the Hegemony dog his ever step.

Faye Null (Sean) was given up for adoption by her Yaru parents who were forbidden to have children of their own. Faye grew up resenting her adopted parents because she knew they were always keeping secrets from her, and soon found herself with unsavory, crowds, specifically the Janus Syndicate. She formed a kind of father-daughter bond with the leader Victor Bax, for some time made deliveries for him. When the House Malklaith footmen ambushed her delivery, Faye bolted with Bhaz at her side and together they made off with the Stardancer. They’ve been stepping lightly ever since, badly in need of someone…like Laren Hex who can help them look respectable!

Can’t way to start playing this game. We’ll be streaming on and videos will be available on

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