Actual Play – Silver Age Sentinels (8/4/2009)

GM: Sean Nittner
System: Silver Age Sentinels

Catching up! This AP report will be brief. We finished up character creation and I asked each of the players some follow up questions about what is going on with their character.

The Liberator. He broke the chains of hell, or someone did.

  • A recent victory: Released from hell on account on mortal priest.
  • Failing: Balancing doing good and the harm it causes people.
  • Defect: Severe recurring nightmares where his powers go wild.
  • Archetype: The Cowboy – Protects society but because of his dangerous nature must live outside of it.
  • What just happened to you: Just go to leave.
  • Enemies: Krutzritter, and The “General”
  • Allies: Father Benito, Morningstar

Lady Osirus. A now-immortal explore and collector of occult goods.

  • A recent victory: Defeating Captain Steam and gaining the eye of Osiris.
  • Setback: Having here memory wiped by “Just the League” and being forced to change against her will. Violation of her and showing their lack of trust.
  • Issue: People constantly taking her stuff (home, speedboat, sports car, helicopter).
  • What Just Happened: Just go a new significant other.
  • Enemies: Osiris, Captain Steam, Chopper, Just the League, an ex significant other.

El Cubo(Aka: Kurenai), the Celtic God always reborn new.

  • A recent victory: Defeating the Amazon Queen in single combat and forging a relationship with The Liberator that would persist beyond incarnations.
  • Failing: Did nothing as Bonesaw destroyed El Paso. Bitter at the American people.
  • Issue: No control over his next physical incarnation making it difficult to forge relationships.
  • What just happened: Just found out his friend died in El Paso. Memorial service coming soon.
  • Enemies: Bonesaw, Mustafa.
  • Rival: Steel Mask
  • Allies: Amazon Queen.

So, now I’ve got to figure out what to do with these characters.

My goals:

  1. Stay flexible, like our Burning Warcraft game I want the players to drive this story, that include deciding who is right, who needs to be stopped.
  2. Introduce a sufficiently dynamic cast of NPCs that the players have a significant list of resources to garner in the form of allies, rivals and enemies.
  3. Start the game with an opportunity for the characters to explore what they are all about before they start getting hammered. Lady O needs to find some relic and go on a date. Liberator needs a confessional scene and someone who believes in him in danger. El Cubo needs to “die” saving someone he cares about, only to be unable to reconnect with them.
  4. Then all of these exposition scenes should dovetail into a central scene that involves all the characters and reveals the central threat, right? Something the characters care about. I’ve got some ideas about that, specifically tying things into the land of the death, as all three character cheat (or have cheated death) in one way or another.
  5. Repeat steps 1-4 as necessary, yeah? Maybe it is more nuanced than that, but I think we’ll have a good time if all the characters are seeing something they care about.

Another thought. Multiple Protagonists = Multiple Enemies.  How I loathe stating them out however. We’ll see how I do.

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