Actual Play – Reconstruction (2/12/2014)

PathfinderCoreCoverGM: Dennis Jordan
Players: Regina Joyner, Karen Twelves, Mia Blankensop, and Sean Nittner
System: Pathfinder
Adventure Path: Kingmaker

We tried something new here, which was doing Kingdom turns online. There isn’t much role-playing during the kingdom turns, most of it is administrative work, which email works well for. We got a Google spreadsheet and went to town!

Chaos during Adventuring

During our adventures, two events happened that severely effected Aldoria’s stability:

  • Grigori incited the people against us (+4 Unrest)
  • A monstrous owlbear tore through the city killing over a hundred people and leaving a wake of destruction in his path. (+2 Unrest. Inn and House destroyed, City wall damaged).

Turn 13 – Reconstruction

  • Kingdom is stable (-1 Unrest)
  • Consumption (-2 BP)
  • Contribution to Alodri Family (-2BP)
  • Royal Enforcer: A local community organizer that has been riding on the coat tails of the trouble Grigori stirred up, has all his hair fall out, breaks out in boils and there are persistent rumors of his impotence. (-1 Unrest)
  • Trolls at the Gates (+2 Unrest)
  • Farm in DC (-4 BP, -2 Consumption)
  • Watchtower  built in D6 ( -12 BP, -1 Unrest)
  • House rebuilt (-2 BP, -1 Unrest)
  • Barracks built (-3 BP, -1 Unrest)
  • Graveyard built (-4 BP)
  • Income Result: (+20BP)
  • Event: Good Weather (+2 Loyalty, Economy, and Productivity until next turn)

Turn 14 – Reconstruction continues

  • Kingdom is stable (-1 Unrest)
  • Consumption (-1 BP)
  • Contribution to Alodri Family (-2BP)
  • Royal Enforcer: All is quiet. (-1 Unrest)
  • Trolls at the Gates (+2 Unrest)
  • House built (-3 BP, -1 Unrest)
  • Shrine to Abadar built (-8 BP, -1 Unrest)
  • Inn rebuilt (-5 BP)
  • Income Result: (+24BP)
  • Event:  Outstanding Success (Settlement): One of your kingdom’s citizens creates an artistic masterpiece, constructs a particularly impressive building (Shrine of Abadar), or otherwise brings glory to your kingdom. Fame increases by 1, your Treasury increases by 1d6 BP, and Unrest decreases by 2. You gain a +4 bonus on Economy checks until the next Event Phase. (+1 BP, -2 Unrest)

Aldoria, Month 14




Hexes Claimed


The Tusk!



 The Plan to catch a cult!

Karen and I have been talking about this a lot outside of game. My first thought is, we need like as 12 hour session. Maybe two of them. Dennis, you’re with that right? Maybe March 8 through March 9th? Yeah?

The second thought was we need to start piecing together the disparate pieces of information we’ve got. Loving the idea that we’d actually be running strings between pieces or parchment in the fiction, here’s my version of it in Visio.


PDF version

Thoughts on this game

This was the first time we tried playing online. It worked out well because everyone had some free time, but I don’t think it’s sustainable for things other than administrative work.

This did get me thinking that some of that downtime could be fleshed out though some in a play-by-post format. For instance, I wouldn’t advocate playing out scenes with significant interaction over email, but Regina could write a nice post about retiring Kiri to stay with Rudoplho, or I could have a recounting of training with the priests of Gorum. I’d be up for it if we had another stretch of downtime between games.


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