Actual Play – Primal D (8/4/2009)

GM: Kevan Forbes
System: Dungeons and Dragons

Kevan Forbes is working on a D&D game to run at a convention. He hasn’t picked when he’s going to run it (though my guess would be DundraCon) but he’s already started working on it. One of the major focuses of the game was to highlight the PHB2, and since that has a strong Primal forces element, his adventure is a wilderness based one.

As usual I don’t want to give out too many details for a future con game, but I’ll say this: You get to play tribal leaders that are awesome!

What rocked

The characters were all fun to play. Their powers, backgrounds and interactions were all very cool. We had shifters, goliaths, and dwarfs, oh my!

Kevan’s prep was great. The dungeons tiles (in this case wilderness tires) were very cool, and the monster group was one of my favorites. Although we were just play testing the combat scene he had a great story to back it up.

The players were funny. Can a shape-shifted creature drop excrement? Discuss.

Avengers. Kick. Ass.

What could have been improved

This was really a rough draft game that we were there to be editors of. I think we gave Kevan a bunch of good suggestions for the characters, the encounter and adjudicating the fight.

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