Actual Play – Party at the Anders (7/30/2010)

GM: Shaun Hayworth
Payers: Kristin, Fattig, and Travis
System: Dresden Files

House Anders (the White Court vampires who focus on greed) was hosting a charity gambling event at the Anders mansion on the outskirts of Atlantic City.

Of course we made a show of things…

First, before things went to hell

Donney got the trait “I’ve got all the chips at this table”. Handily using his superior mind to count cards and clean house.

Sven got busy with one of the three beautiful Greek women in attendance. First by insulting the mafia mook hitting on her and then by telling her tales of adventure.

Saul got busy with some Thaumaturgy, a spell that took all night to cast but aligned entropy and order in his favor, giving Isabella (Jameson’s sister that just fired him) an amazing hand but giving Saul a Royal Straight Flush in her FACE! It was a ton of fun to drive her crazy.

Jameson kept chips from flying. Finding out who was who and what was what?

And what was what? That’s when things went to hell.

Of the three beautiful Greek women one was in the Champagne room making out with Sven, one had disappeared with rabbi Feldstein and one was upstairs rifling through the House Anders rooms….
All were Hecetean hags that tor things up! PCs are inclusive in the set of [things].

What rocked

The was the first of three sessions with this formula. Let the PCs do their stuff, make some progress and have some fun on their terms. Then drop a bomb on them. A vicious, snarling, savage, tough as all hell bomb. With sharp pointy teeth! It’s a really good formula and it matches with the Dresden stories really well. Keep it up dude.

Sven finally got tore up and got to outlast most all of us at the end.

Jameson was all about keeping things cool while shit hit the fan.

Donnie was hilarious, as always. And he was almost hag bait!

For Saul I had many moments of awesome. Beating Isabella and making her look the fool in front of her father was awesome. I got Jameson back his job… in fact I got him HER job.

When the Hags were running around I blew up a generator and called it “fireworks” to distract people and keep them out of the Hag’s swath of destruction.

I turned on the sight for the first tie and the image of the Hags kicked the ever-loving crap out of me. I got a consequence of gibbering madness and couldn’t stop talking about the new born child and angels. I took the aspect “Dante’s Inferno wasn’t the HALF of it!” after that bit.

Two of us got taken out and all but Sven got seriously beat up!

What could have improved

I couldn’t think of good names for a consequence. Gibbering madness is great, but second degree burns (the hags were burning us after all) wasn’t very interesting.

I really need to read up more on Thaumaturgy so I’m not constantly looking it up or asking Shaun for answers on stuff.

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