Actual Play – Once Upon a Time In Ebberon – Part 7 (4/1/2015)

DnD_PHBTHGM: Brian Engard
Players: Rhea Friesen, Sam Simons, Andreas Stein, and Sean Nittner
System: Dungeons & Dragons 5E
Setting: Ebberon

Last we left off we were on the way to Lathleer impersonating Ambassador Jorah of Riedra and her retinue.

On the Road Again

While we traveled some fun things happened.

Thorgal showed Dermis a thing or three about how to be a mercenary. Specifically how to hold a sword, how to wear armor, and how to talk like a mercenary. Dermis only failed to pick up 1 of the 3. I’ll let you guess which one.

Kabas and his crew sang lots and lots of traveling songs. Which annoyed Orbin a lot… so they sang more of them.

Raj ask one of his new guards who the package was being delivered to.  The destination was Imarin Cal, a Riedran Diplomat who runs the Riedra embassy in Lathleer. An important man but not an Inspired.

We all realized that were were walking the same speed as normal but traveling faster. Almost like we were walking on a people mover. Some fancy travel magic that!

Making Camp

We made camp. Dermis and Keer talked about why an embassy would be way out in the middle of nowhere Lathleer. Dermis only spoke when Keer was busy chewing his food so as to make sure he never interrupted. Keer noticed this and modulated the rate of his mastication to see if it would control Dermis’ speech tempo. It did. Meanwhile one of our new guards was conspicuously not looking at us, as he was listening very intently. Keer noticed. Dermis noticed Keer’s chewing.

That night… of in the darkness we heard a chorus of wild yips and then they were upon us. Gnolls and hyenas! We stabbed them in lots of ways. In the back, through an eye, to a wagon, in the back again, with our sacred fire, our swords, and our bows. Yay stabbing!

After the fight Orbin woke up screaming (he was put to sleep along with two hyenas that were dragging him off) by a sleep spell.

Kabas thanked us and refunded us our payment for the journey as thanks for our help.

A Tiny Town

Lathleer was even less impressive than we imagined it would be. A farmer’s market where Störm bought a flute and not a whole lot more else.

Dermis asked one of the guards what was going on here and why Lathleer would have an embassy. He got a practiced and rote response, one that Keer could tell was a lie. Keer pressed and we got more out of him.

The man was Jorah’s second and as such knew what she was doing, which was shipping these warforged sleeper agents from Lathleer to every major city in Khorvaire. He knew about the Warforged as well, they could create illusions to make them look line anyone or anything. This is a full fledged infiltration of every known nation!

This knowledge if handled properly could either unify the still often hostile nations of Khorvaire together against a common enemy…or it could turn them all on each other, each of them suspicious of the other. The latter would make a worldwide coup just a matter of patience for the Inspired.

Ohh… and we know Jorah will reform and she might find a host closer than Riedra. We’re working on borrowed time!

Thoughts on the game

It’s going to take some time for us to spend 12 Awesome Points each. Getting them is relatively easy. Spending is the tough part. I think I’m going to start spending on every roll!

This conspiracy is huge. Feels very much like an epic D&D campaign!


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