Actual Play – Once Upon a Time In Ebberon – Part 4 (12/10/2014)

DnD_PHBTHGM: Brian Engard
Players: Anna Meade, Morgan Ellis, Andreas Stein, and Sean Nittner
System: Dungeons & Dragons 5E
Setting: Ebberon

To Aundair with all haste! Based on the discovery made last session we decided to head out to Aundair in an attempt to intercept (or at least catch up with) the cargo or Vartha’s ship.

Duke Rokun secured us passage on an airship to Freehaven (the capital city) and we planned to set out in the morning. Before that however we spoke again with Vorrin D’Cannith and asked him for any leads he could give us once we arrived. He told use that the Aundair faction of the house Cannith was lead by Baroness Jorlana D’Cannith and that she was probably the first person we should investigate. He told us a contact we could meet up with (Rhonda D’Cannith) but that we could not use his name except in her presence. Otherwise we would compromise his position.

The “Second best airship of House Lyrandar” was captained by Jovak Deltranar and his jovial crew. They claimed to be the second best because claiming to be the best always invited so much trouble. Of course Jovak couldn’t claim to be the fastest, because the Lyrandar was the fastest, etc.

He was however ,quite easy to goad into speeding up the trip, traveling faster and taking a more direct (and dangerous) route by a few subtle barbs from Raj.

Interesting folk on board

While Dermis and Raj spoke with the captain, Keer and Doona conversed with the other occupants of the ship.

AirshipWe met Orbin, an curmudgeonly merchant who was faring goods to and from Freehaven and annoyed an the need to take an airship (and pay the extra expense to do so) since the Lightning Rail had not yet been repaired. When Raj spoke with him later and he made it very clear that he didn’t like adventurers, they just caused trouble.

Keer met Firi, the Ereni elf on a pilgrimage. She had a cultural heritage of summoning dead ancestors that they revered to posses them, which was odd but she did not speak on it much.

Doona gambled and drank with the crew who revealed that Jovak (“Joe”) was a complete pirate and though he fared passengers and goods on occasion that was just as cover. They also said that Orbin was a jerk with strange proclivities. They probably would have said more as well, if not for the DRAGON ATTACK!

Dragon Attack!

Hell yeah, 3rd level (oh yeah, we got to level 3) and we faced a dragon. A green dragon it this case, dropping nets filled with kobolds onto the ship. Woot! We had kobold raiders, we had flying dragons and we had harpoons! What more could a D&D player ask for!

The fight wasn’t too tough (I think because Brian had some bad rolls) and we quickly dispatched the kobolds and then concentrated on the dragon who Doona finished off.

Dermis, having the utmost respect for all organic life did not want to simply murder the kobolds that they had put to sleep (5d8 hit points of Kobolds is a lot of kobolds!) and so convinced the crew to let them live… if they would show us where the dragon’s horde was!

From it we claimed:

  • 9 gems worth 5o gold.
  • 2100 copper pieces
  • 1200 silver pieces
  • 50 gold pieces

Baby dragon horde!

Thoughts on this game

The fact that we could fight a dragon at 3rd level was awesome. I understand GMs that want to keep the iconic monsters like dragons and mind flayers out of the picture till higher levels to keep them feeling epic, but for me, I want the awesome action right now. And their isn’t much more awesome than fighting a dragon on top of an airship!  Not sure how much of this was 5E and how much was Brian, but I loved it!

I know we’re going to Freehaven and all, but I kind of want to know about Obrin’s peculiar proclivities and get in on some of Joe’s piracy action. Oh yeah, and maybe ask around some about my Lady’s whereabouts. Also the Ereni are fascinating. I didn’t talk to Firi during the session, but Dermis is super captivated by the idea of summoning a spirit to possess you since that is essentially their purpose, to be receptacle for the reborn Lady Vol.

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