Actual Play – My Daughter, Queen of France (9/1/2017)

Shakespeare: Ross Cowman
The Players: Jason Morninstar, Lizzie Stark, Gavin White, Kristin Firth, and Sean Nittner
SystemMy Daughter, Queen of France, by Daniel Wood

My Daughter, the Queen of France is a game about what it means to grow apart from the things you have made, and the efforts and contortions we go through to reconcile ourselves to that inevitable division. – Game introduction.

My Daughter, the Queen of France, is about Shakespeare’s inability to accept that his daughter, and everyone else for that matter, think he’s a jerk.  – Rosencrantz (as played by Sean)

My memory of the game (from many moons lather)

This was a delightful game where I got to play a character who didn’t know what he was doing as a cover for me, Sean, not being sure I knew what I was doing. It was Remarkable.

The premise of the game is that Shakespeare’s daughter (we named her Emily) has estranged her father, and he’s trying to figure out why, by directing an impromptu play to act out all the events that led up to their fall out.

Ross did an amazing job acting as Shakespeare and facilitating the game. Jason, Lizzie, Kristin, and Gavin did a remarkable jobs playing out modern day interpretations of Nick Bottom, Lady Macbeth, Tatiana, and Laertes (if I’m remembering correctly) begrudgingly playing through the scenes Bill kept running them through, landing on a few lines that stuck:

“Emily, it’s so great to see you dressed up like a tiger.”

“We’ll work on a better match once you’ve worked through your daddy issues!”

“I’m dating your daughter… too.”

“Shouldn’t have said that either”

“Especially love for a daughter whose decision you approve of.”

“A love worth loving.”

“I’m so confused father.”

“I need to get better advice.”


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