Actual Play – Murphy’s Laws (10/18/2009)

GM: Eric Fattig
Players: Travis, Chrissy, Cameron, Steve, and Sean
System: Mage, The Awakening

Murphy’s Laws:

I hate new mages. They are like prepubescent teenagers on crack. Did they ever see the movie Aladdin? Infinite Cosmic Power – itty bitty living space. That what magic is, you know. Sure, you can do whatever you want, but it comes with a cost and new mages never understand that.

I’ve looked at the estimates, over $450,00 for the primary controller alone that they fried. All tallied up its going to cost millions. And you know what insurance will say about this? Act of God. Act of God my ass, call it an act of stupidity. So Johnson Circuits is going to be behind on their production schedule, which means extra work for me, which means working on my projects is going to be that much harder.

Murphy’s Law #1: That which a new mage can break, he will break.

Yeah, they duped me. They got me out of the office and stole my files. But there were half a dozen of them. When do you ever see that many? Correction, when do you ever see that many actually working together? After the catastrophe, the Garth Brooks wanna be came over and started pestering me, which was annoying and effective. It kept me distracted while another stole a badge off one of my staff and traded it off to the bitch inside.

I would have stopped them too, would have caught on if not for that crazy Russian who claimed to be having a psychotic fit and destroyed one of the security cameras. I had to figure out if the ley line convergence was actually working enough that it affected other mages who weren’t attuned, or if it was just some teenage prank. Of course, I should have known it was the latter.

They are making me look bad, you know that. Willworkers are supposed to have style and finesse, always the right tool for the job. The brought a god damn limo to our place! Ostentatious much? I’m embarrassed. It’s just like when I go out to Aerosmith concerts and see all those old ladies taking their bras off, make me feel dirty just being associated with them.

Murphy’s Law #2: The cookie jar has fingerprints all over it.

I got back and saw the project was still intact but my research was missing. That’s when I put the pieces together and realized what had happened. I was just about to call, when I got that feeling, a numbness in my fingers, the kind that make them feel swollen and awkward even when they aren’t. Those young punks had the gall to scry on me! Don’t they know it’s like reading someone’s diary, or stealing their password, or fondling their mother? It’s a violation and it’s rude.

Murphy’s Law #3: Any lie a woman can tell to you she will.

After scrying didn’t work they tried something novel. A phone call! I was ready to give them a piece of my mind… or take a few choice pieces of theirs, but that bitch made an offer I couldn’t refuse. She told me that she would give me back binder with my research. I have to say, I couldn’t ignore that. And she said she’d give it to me in good faith, whatever that is.

Women are fickle, mages are arrogant. Put that together and… damn, no wonder I haven’t had a date in years. Back t the point. First our meet was at a Pizza place, then she changed her mind and wanted some place fancy. A set up probably so I did due diligence and set it to Sushi Nobu. I’m conformable there and I knew I wouldn’t be taken off guard.

But you know what; it’s damn hard to eat futo maki when there is a bomb threat in the building. Bitch! So we end up going to Barola Grill instead. That place costs half my paycheck for a good meal, but they do have great wine, and Lizardo at the bar always picks a nice one to compliment your food. Back to the point, we have our meet and the whole rat pack shows up. They try to be sly but their resonance gives them away, like shouldering fires amongst the land of the dead.

Vogue and Fisban meet with me and try to play all kinds of games, but it comes down to this. They want to talk to you boss, they want a meeting with the great Oraculis and they say you’ve got a book they want. So, a meeting it is. At the ware house. Can I have Fizban’s jacket when you’re done with them. It’d be a shame to waste a nice jacket.

– Murphy’s Report.

What rocked

We got to place with magics! Seriously, mage is one of those games where it is just fun to do stuff that you shouldn’t have any reason to be able to do normally. Like doing millions of dollars of property damage without anyone knowing.

The irony. You can’t however steal a single security camera without your magic without being sued by Johnson Circuits.

I believe the characters are developing their core issues. For Vogue (Simone) it’s really what identify means. She doesn’t like her old self very much and is trying to separate from that, but it’s hard to give up all that you were for what you think you are. This for her is like going through puberty again.

What could have been improved

The group as a whole lacks good motivation. We’re trying to find this book but still don’t have a strong allegiance to Valeno (Lawrence) or reason to dislike/mistrust/hate Oraculis. I’d like to know that he was behind the terrorist attack on the train, that would fuel us up on some Hatorade.


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