Actual Play – Master of the Fallen Fortress (5/24/2014)

PathfinderCoreCoverGM: PFS GM
Characters: Fasa, Kain, Mountain, Amari, Friznix, and Kalkara (me)
System: Pathfinder
Module: Master of the Fallen Fortress

This post continues from the discussion started in Confirmation.

Game two of the weekend, let’s get stabby!

This game was similar in tone to Coronation (the previous night). Mostly new players and characters, but clearly folks that had more game mastery. There was one 10 year old young man who was the son of a friend of mine that I got along great with. Another player at the table had a really strongly themed character, so our interactions were fun.

Kain was a cleric of a crazy god, and himself totally insane himself. The comical, lovable, apocalypse-seeking, fictional insane. Not the suffering from a mental illness, unable to function in society, insane.

The focus of the game was much more on killing the monsters and taking their stuff than coronation had been. In the final scene as we were fighting on a ledge, I had a hard time convincing anyone that even though attacking the baddie was easier, it would be awesome if someone bull rushed him (I tried and failed myself) and pushed him off the 80′ ledge. C’mon that’s what heroic fantasy is all about!

Thoughts on this game

Much the same as in Coronation, though the vibe changed a little with more experienced players. I was already seeing a lot of character-centric play. Don’t get me wrong, I like my characters. I want other people to like their characters too. What drives me batty though is when characters that could be cool become caricatures because they have no meaningful interactions with anyone else.

I won a boon in this game (by rolling the lowest on a d20). It was a Mendevian Weapon Training, training for those who dedicated themselves with the Fifth Crusade. I think these kind of perks give players a reason to further invest in the setting of the game (I have no idea who Queen Galfrey of Mendev is but now I’d like to know) as well as giving further incentive to play a lot of PFS games in general (each one comes with a chance of a special reward).

Discussion continued in Destiny of the Sands, Part 2: Race to Seeker’s Folly.


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