Actual Play – Mary-Kate and Ashley Friendship Connection (3/9/2018)

Facilitator: Alex Roberts
Players: Erik Bell, Jeremy Tidwell, Sean Nittner, and Alex Roberts
System: Mary-Kate and Ashley Friendship Connection

The 2002 original with four sets of cards (at the mall, chat room, etc), five types of accessories (tops, bottoms, cds, concert tix, and posters) and one grand prize (the laptop) for the winner or winners of the Friendship Connection.

Alex got this game last year at PAXU and since then every time I’ve heard about it, it’s sounded like the sweetest thing. Each turn a player draws a card with a question and four possible answers. The secretly select the best answer and then all their friends do the same. If any anyone guesses correctly both they, and the person who answered get an accessory. Once you’ve got all five, you can get the laptop! If more that one person would get the laptop at the same time, we all win!

There are some funny nuances of the game. For instance, some of the questions we could answer as our current adult selves (what would do if you found a wallet on the ground?) but some of these questions can only be answered as our teenage selves (particularly the ones about being in school) , and some can really only be answered as our teenage girl in 2002 selves. Trying to figure out which kind of answer to give was a big part of the fun!

Alas I took no pictures of the game, so we’ll have to settle for fun pics of friends making out own friendship connection!

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