Actual Play – Life without Moya (5/23/2012)

GM: Shaun Hayworth
Players: Sean Nittner, Justin Dhiel, and Noam Rosen
System: Burning Wheel
Setting: Burning Theorsa

Kristin was stuck on a job and so couldn’t make the game. We endeavored to carry on without her.

The Aftermath

After the battle, our characters set off to fulfill their own agendas.

Afon, in the guise of helping to tend the wounded, scavenged loose coin and trinkets from the soldiers, collecting a pouch of baubles worth 1D cash.

Ayernand, in an attempt to retain his stations as “just a soldier” managed to offend a veteran warrior that wanted to offer him drink and lodging.  He didn’t want to kick someone out of their house and the veteran took this as a sign of him been too good for soldier’s hospitality. The “Troll Slayer” is too good for us.

Baldric directed troops in preparing for the wounded, the hungry and the prisoners. He summoned the newly appointed quartermaster Leon and sent him off to a nearby village Duskwood to commission supplies. He placed the mayor’s sigil in his possession so that he could prove his authority to the locals of Duskwood.  Martin the Mayor saw this and of course was infuriated. “You can’t just hand out my office. Who do you think you are?” Baldric tried to be civil for a bit but eventually pushed the now ex-mayor in the mud and told him he was a coward for fleeing when war was at his gates. 

A bit of bullying

Afon, seeing how the arrows he fired bounced harmlessly off the trolls thick skin when in search of finer steel, bodkin arrow heads that would pierce their armor. He founded them, the the fletcher who made them had the audacity of not just wanting to hand over his prized possessions to Afon, so the mercenary started implying that if he didn’t hand them over, he would have a hand to do anything with. Just then Ayernand showed up and the fletcher turned to him “Troll Slayer! Look, I’ve prepared the arrows for you, so the better you can pierce the thick hide of the trolls!” And with a shit-eating grin he handed over the arrows to Ayernand.  Fun times.

After the fletcher excused himself, Ayernand and Afon spoke of the price Ayernand could pay (in the future, when he had some coin) for Afon to teach him more about archer. Yep, Afon is a right bastard!

Meeting with Andon Torron

Baldric summoned Ayernand to come with him to treat with Andon Torron as representative of Redvayle. Afon’s interest was peaked. Interrogation maybe? “By Argent’s Tits, No! Afon, there is a shovel, go dig some ditches.” And amazingly it worked. At least in the short term. Afon got some practice time in soldiering, Baldric got to interview one of the King’s men without worrying that Afon was going to stab him in the middle of the discussions… or so he thought.

Andon proved to be a noble character, and one that was religiously loyal the the king. In his cell he offered his own food to his soldiers. He treated civilly and was a respectful prisoner. He would not, however bring Baldric to the king. Nor would he go “fetch” his king and bring him to treat with them. A pretty shout-y duel of wits ensued and both parties made some pretty gnarly accusations, but neither triumphed. Baldric would not bend a knee and Andon would not betray his king.

Even though we both lost, Andon lost by a LOT. To get a little mechanical, his disposition was dropped to -7 so he had to make a Steel test at +7 Ob. Failing that (by a lot) he stormed out of the mayors house, forgetting for a moment that he was a prisoner.

Unfortunately (I think for all of us) Afon was nearby (coming to check on Moya) and when he saw the prisoner attempt to “flee” he responded with steel, and hamstrung the lord with his sword. Perfect!


Thoughts on this game

We left the Duel of Wits with neither side getting their goals (we both lost) but I think we need to take it a step further. No matter what, even if both sides fail, the story moves on. We threatened (or at least Ayernand threatened) to kill everyone one of his men until the King would come and meet with us and I think we need to follow up on that.  Andon is NOT going to comply, and that is set. Now I think we should start making good on our side, send some no-name soldier off to summon the king, and start killing a soldier a day until he shows up. Or were we just full of shit?


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  1. Just realized I had a light wound from the previous session as well; D’oh! And yeah +Sean Nittner, Ayernand is committed to following through on the executions he threatened; that’s what happens in war!

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