Actual Play – King County Ghost Court (7/7/2017)

Players: Me, Alice, and many other silly humans and ghosts.
System: Ghost Court

Note that applies to the next six months of Actual Play reports: I fell way behind on my AP reports so these are written many moons later based off my notes. The accuracy will likely vary greatly! Also, this is just transcribed from my notes. Things may be out of order!

Before Go Play this year I asked Tony what would be useful for some Go Play veterans to do so that we could help folks get into more games. He said “run lots of games in the donut” so that was our plan! Even better, running BIG games in the donut. I started with Ghost Court, and though the pictures don’t show it, I think we had 15+ players. Woot!

I had fun playing my usually sassy judges (including wig worn backwards) and then shuffling out to let other, more qualified justices serve in my stead. This game was a hoot and I think we made it through half the cases before adjourning!

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