Actual Play – Issue #5 (12/2/2009)

GM: Sean Nittner
Players: Eric, Travis, and Omar
System: Silver Age Sentinels (Tri-Stat)

I changed a lot of things in this game but they all focused around letting go of my notions of where the story should go. Instead of trying to force a showdown between the League and The Heroes of the Institute I told the players I was looking for a story where the heroes left their mark (whatever that might be) on Empire City.

What Rocked

I absolutely loved the scene when Lady O protested revealing that the League are actually crooks. She suddenly got very defensive “Maybe they changed their ways?”.

The game was overall less work for me, which I like. The more time I spend playing the game with the players instead of trying to figure out how things are supposed to be the better.

Negotiations with Pixie Dust were fun.

The jail break was a hoot. Note to self: use more heat attacks on Liberator. Results are hilarious.

What could have been improved

I need to flesh out the rest of the League

I’m not sure if Mustsfa running away was the right thing to do. He got to show off some of his powers but didn’t talk about his actual motivations.

The end was appropriate but felt forced. Hero caught by villian and put in brain extracting machine. Cool but I probably should have just rolled out the combat and stacked things in Bonesaw’s favor. Upside was “style” dice for El Cubo