Actual Play – Harvest Festival (6/7/2010)

GM: Travis Lindquist
Players: Sean, Fattig, Alec, Steve, Omar, Chris and Tracy
System: L5R

A brief reprieve from the constant toils, the Harvest Festival offered our samurai a chance to reap the rewards of their work. The Lion were holding a great festival to welcome the new harvest and ensure prosperity in all of Rokugan.

Our affairs were of course, not as simple and pleasant as that…

Gaijin Magic

Ikoma Tso-Lou, destined to be a great diplomat, served his Clan Champion at this festival by making a great offering of gold to the mysterious Gaijin (Senpet) in exchange for knowledge of their magic, the same magic that Iuchiban used to become the monster that he is. Seems like a great plan. The rest of us had a great time interacting with “Utaka Forak”, a gaijin who didn’t speak our name but looked like he could have been a unicorn and when he pulled out a fork, and pronounced it “Forak” we all deiced that was his name. Good times.

Druken revelry

Washichi and Rei finally found something they could agree on. Good sake. This same good sake also led Rei and Shimizu into the same bed that night, but both were too drunk to consummate the affair. Sadly, that didn’t help Shimizu much with his…

Wife troubles

“You come to the harvest festival and spend all night drinking with your friends instead of seeing me?” Add that to sleeping with Rei and being found in a rather passionate conversation with Doji Domotai, and it didn’t look like Sezume Junko could be more angry at him. Then he ask what she thought about the Sparrow rejoining the Crane? Boy howdy!

Doji Motamasa and Yasuki One-Leg

Both Emerald Magistrates were present and happy to see us (Doji mostly because it meant a vantage of our backs that he could plunge a tanto into, but happy just the same). It seems that One-Leg has done rather well for himself despite his injuries. Still he laments the loss greatly.

Fourth Legion Funny Business

Looks like the leader of the forth legion, a Hida, was making some deals during the festival for additional funding, no doubt to support the Emperor’s efforts, sadly though at the cost of the other magistrate orders.

Ancestors Be Gone

Rei, during the festival found one Kitsu who was making offerings to try and counter the harvest festival, you know, so that if they empire starved, they would all figure out that the problem was because of the Lords of Death? Yeah. Perfect logic. Time to get stabby! But to his aid came Rei’s ancestor Gaki! Suddenly her blade was in her hand as she was shouting war cries to Akodo One-Eye and Lady Matsu. She vanquished the ghost of her ancestors, finally ending their haunting, but not before one could touch her and weaken her void. The coward got away of course. She will see more of him no doubt.

Go Go Gadget Horsey

Washichi, hearing the call of battle rode his great stead up and on top of the Kitsu’s offering and the kitsu himself, so that he could be captured and punished accordingly.

What rocked

It was nice to take a break from the monthly format and have some scenes with all of the samurai together.

It was great finally getting to lay the smack down on Aunt Sue. She’s been harping on me for years.

Drinking with friends. What’s not to like.

Happy to clean up one the pins on the board as well. Kitsu threat neutralized (for now at least).

Magic swords for the win. Mine leapt right into my hand when in need. Cool!

What could have improved

Not really sure. It was a fun game.


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