Actual Play – Hard Choices (6/14/2010)

GM: Travis Lindquist
Players: Sean, Omar, Alec, Steve and Eric
System: L5R

We were back to saving the empire… though I’m not sure we did.

Shiko, for his part did well. He used the Sapphire Fleet to save a bunch of Tsuruchi from the impending flood.

Tso-Lou went to Fox lands and found some bandits claiming the Fox were keeping Rokugan’s greatest diviner to themselves. As it turned out these bandits were actually lead by some shape shifting monster that NEARLY killed Tso-Lou in a duel. He emerged victorious though and cast away it’s mortal shell. The shadow fled and the Fox were safe… for now.

Ryo had fun times in the Miya lands. There was a dispute about where the Emperor’s blessing should go since the Emperor himself hadn’t made a decree. The Miya Daimyo asserted that in absence of another order, he was authorized to choose. Ryo supported him on this and held a debate in a tea house to settle matter. In the end it was settled… with a punch to the face! Go Crab Diplomacy!

Rei was horrible. She believes what she’s doing is good but… Well she did figure out that the Emperor was going to Kakita lands to get a new sword. That much is good. She also lied to Kisada and told him that the Emperor was dead in order to get him to take the throne. This cannot end well.

Shimizu intended to visit Yasuki lands to end the border skirmish but instead focused on killing the man that dishonored him and thereby regaining face… and letting the third Yasuki was start! Man, things are bad in that area.

What rocked

A lot of hard choices this game. Rei and Shimizu were both really torn.

Tso-Lou’s duel was crazy tense. It was sooooo close.

Shimizu got to duel as the unknown ronin. Something right out of Ninja Scroll

What could have improved

Dude… Rei beheaded a peasant, took out his eye and disguised him to look like the emperor to fool Kisada into taking the throne. I feel horrible.

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