Actual Play – Ghost Court, Cape May County (9/5/2015)

ghost_court_logo_01 (1)GM: Jason Morninstar and others
Players: Others, living and dead
System: Ghost Court

Tagline: Ghost court is a game about ghosts, and people, and all the dumb ways that ghosts and people can’t get along.

Sean’s thoughts: This is the best LARP ever.

Why is it so good?

It only requires five people (judge, clerk, bailiff, plaintiff, and defendant) to be “playing” at any given time. That means the rest of the time we’re all audience, who can boo or cheer or moan or rattle chains, or just have drinks and talk to our friends.

Each trial is five minutes long, ensuring lots and lots of different shenanigans. And the  shenanigans are so good. Jason has written up twenty cases, I believe all based off real life cases, and they are hilarious to behold and even more ridiculous to preside over!

You want this game to come out, and when it does, you want to play it with all of your friends. I know I do!

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