Actual Play – Fuck it, you’re the MC (6/28/2015)

Apocalypse WorldPlayers: Dale Horstman, Matt Klein, Brad Tuel, Sean Nittner, Eric Fattig
System: Apocalypse World
Setting: Fury Road

Who Killed The World? Who is the MC? What the Fuck Are We Still Doing Awake?

It was late on Sunday. We shouldn’t have even been away. But fuck it, we played Apocalypse World anyway. Who was going to MC? We were all too tired. So we just said fuck it, whoever wants to run the scene will do it. Call as scene out if you want it.

What happens when Immortan Joe doesn’t return, but instead an Imperator (Battlebabe) does and tries to take control? What happens when the curator of the gardens realizes the gardens themselves have a plan and a purpose.

Fuck, if I know, I was too tired to remember. But I do remember we had a great time and realized playing without an MC worked just fine.

Good times.

One thought on “Actual Play – Fuck it, you’re the MC (6/28/2015)”

  1. I want to respond to this awesome post but fuck it, I’m too tired and I don’t remember much beyond we had a lot of fun. And were too tired to quit.

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