Actual Play – Friends with Berti and Brot! (10/15/2013)

torchbearer-rpgGM: Sean Nittner
Players: Chris Moore, David Gallo, and Max Külshammer.
System: Torchbearer
Module: Under the House of the Three Squires

Missing a few players we decided to forge ahead anyway, and glad we did. New bonds were formed (and broken) over the campfire.


Milton recounted the adventurer’s tales right up to the point of finding a room full of Kobolds!

Camping on Air

Camp Phase…continued

Checks ahoy. Stuffs done! While sharing camp space with Kobolds.

Thrallson made himself busy building rope from the piles of clothing (success)

Milton conversed with the Kobolds and persuaded them to tell him what the Kobolds were doing. He learned about the Crooked Tooth and the Saw Back clan, as well as rumors of Uttan (success)

Milton also dug the horrific story of Ronwald from his guilty conscience, that he had promised to cook the other humans “human style” in an effort to buy time. Unfortunately the Kobold had grown impatient and killed his brother already, expecting him to cook him up (success).

Camp disrupted by torchlight on the wall indicating a Kobold patrol nearby.

Adventure phase

Turn 1 – With all of the information gathered from the Kobolds, and not trusting them to not trigger an alarm, Thrallson sprung his trap on Brot and friend, trapping them and then crushing them under the mighty oak desk. [Result: Success]

Turn 2- Berti, seeing the betrayal ran for the steep slope, believing she could scale it before the adventurers caught her and ran off. The adventurers chased her(capture conflict), ran her down, and slit her throat. In the chase, Milton’s sacks were knocked into the fire and lost [Minor compromise].

Turn 3 – After the chase, everyone’s stomachs started rumbling. [Twist from failed cooking roll last session]. Was it the chase? Killing in cold blood? The smell of dead kobolds? Who knows. The human’s stomachs turned and even the notion of eating disgusted them. [Ob 2 Health test. Thrallson succeeded, the humans failed. Twist: You can’t eat until the next camp phase]

Camping… again

Despite the close proximity of Kobolds, the adventurers wanted to be able to eat, and try to recover again. They hunkered back down and made camp. I considered it a Dangerous Camp (a group of Kobolds making camp in the passage above), but the nevertheless rested safely [Rolled a 12 on the camp events table]

Check – With the aid of his previously created poultice and some faith in his gods (har!) Miles meditated and tried to get a good night’s rest. And little good it did him. When he woke he was just as sore and miserable as before [Ob 3 Health Test. Result: Fail]

Check – Milton drank some wine and tried to cool his heels over the whole event. And sure enough the wine did it’s job [Ob 2 Will Test. Result: Success]

Instinct – Milton tried to craft a map based on the description given to him by Berti and Brot. And what a map he made! [Ob 6 Cartography. Result: Fail. Twist. The map will only cause them pain]. Milton made a map that not only showed the location of the Crooked Tooth but also gave the party a way out of the tunnels. Which of course was completely wrong…

Unable to wait for the adventurers to “get ready” impatient Ronwald ran off!

Thoughts on the Game

There was some fantastic role-playing in this session. I think as a result of camping time, and talking with the Kobolds, Ronwald, and each other. I loved seeing Thrallson grind his teeth while Milton negotiated with Kobolds, speaking in their runty yipping tongue.

Must remember to bring that map back into the game sometime.  Also must keep track of what Ronwald is doing!

I borked up the 2nd camp phase. It should have ended after Milton drank the wine (because all the checks were gone and because he had just taken an action). I don’t feel too bad about it though since Milton could have used his instinct first, then had Miles use a check and end using a check himself without changing any of the dice rolls. Just something to watch for next session.

Yay for impatient NPCs causing trouble.

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