Actual Play – Dungeon Crawl Classics (11/18/2012)

GM: Brian Isikoff
Players: Dennis Jordan, Regina Joyner, Karen Twelves, and Sean Nittner
System: Dungeon Crawl Classics, the RPG
Campaign: The Slumbering Tsar (for Pathfinder converted to DCC)

I believe I have been officially invited to Brian’s game with Dennis, Regina and Karen. Yay.

I played a Halfling Collector who dressed like a Bedouin warrior, and had the personality of Quark from Deep Space Nine. He wanted to acquire items of religious and cultural significance. Which basically meant everything that wasn’t nailed down to the ground.

The play is the thing

I arrived a top a gigantic sapphire caterpillar named Qapla (yeah, we stole that from Klingon) and joined the group in time to kill some stuff, set off some traps and awaken an sleeping warrior of light.

We killed dudes, got treasure, and were basically heroes of awesomeness.

Thoughts on the game

DCC seems to have a exponential power curve.  A dagger does 1d4, just liked you’d expect. A magic missile however does up to 5d12 depending on a casting roll. Critical hit tables are also apparently off the chart (we didn’t get any crits so I didn’t see them, but I believe it).

Due to the lethal nature of the game, some of the players played multiple characters. It gave us some extra firepower as well. The downside was that role-playing was tricky, and the nature of a fantasy hack and slash game is that character development and relationships are usually pretty superficial anyway.

Luck in this game is interesting for Halflings. Not only can they get it back (which only thieves and halflings can do) they can share it (a halfling only trait). I had a lot of fun allowing for circumstances to miraculously aid folks on saving throws, attack rolls and the like.

The highlight of the game (for characters at least) seems to be finding new magic items that do crazy shit. Hammers that turn people to stone, figures of wondrous power that turn into bugs the size of elephants. You name it. There are LOTs of charts and tables in those books and we want to roll on all of them!

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