Actual Play – Not Demons at the Door? (8/18/2013)

GMs: John Stavropoulos, and assistants.
Players: Sean Nittner, Karen Twelves, Terry Romero, Shoe, Kira Scott, Lou Agresta, Ajit George, and several others.
System: LARP in a Hotel Room

Jstav organized a LARP, and from what I’ve heard about it there was some disagreement between the GMs about what that LARP was actually going to be, but from my perspective it ran smoothly.

We created flawed characters with deep regrets that came to the surface as an unearthly fog decimated everything and everyone around and eventually crept into the hotel to consume us as well. I walked out happy to shed the skin of Mike, the P.E. Coach.

GenCon 2013 - 13

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