Actual Play – Carom Phase 1, Maneuver 5 (2/11/2013)

burning empiresGM: Sean Nittner
Players: Shaun Hayworth, Kristin Hayworth, Eric Fattig, and Scott White
System: Burning Empires
Planet: Carom

Phase Objective

Human: Remove Darius (Vaylen FoN) from play.
Starting Disposition: 22
Ending Disposition: 22

Vaylen: Remove the Merchant League faction from play.
Starting Disposition: 31
Ending Disposition: 26

Maneuver Objective

Maneuver – Access (Vaylen) vs. Flak (Humans) – Result Vaylen Dispo -5, No assess.


Draven – (Interstitial) with Kristoff. Draven him to find the Cyreans, but Kristhoff resists, at least in part because he’s terrified Draven has “The Worm”. He advocates that he doesn’t want a military solution. These are not our enemies, they are “wayward children”.  Draven demands answers in a week.

Brendan (Color) – Gawain, a young servant (who is also the one that saw the psychology DoW between Brendan and Kristoff/Artemus), delivers papers to take custody of Cason. The are written in Dregutai-speak, but the results are Draven has been declared unfit to care for Cason and custody is being handed over to the next closest kin, Duke Brendan.

Draven (Color)  – Draven immediatly goes to get Cason from school and brings him back to his quarters in the Mundus Hummanitus temple.

Darius (Interstitial) with Lilah asking about Rostov. “Where has he gone?” Darius is afraid that Artemus has brutalized, or possibly killed him and hidden the evidence. (Based on the bad publicity Artemus got during the arrest).

Artemus (Interstitial) – Artemus finds Draven and Cason just before they arrive at the MH temple. They move to Draven’s quarters where Cason is left to play video games. Artemus tells Draven that the Archotare’s code was used to destroy the EVA-6 (half out-loud, half with psychology).

Brenden (Building ) – Comes to take Cason custody and fails using diplomacy, resorts to force but the Sodalis arrive in the last minute to provide cover while Draven and Cason escape to the Sodalis HQ. A few of Brenden’s men are shot and receive light wounds but there are no casualties.

Heiser (Building) with Roman – Heiser wants to move resources to the south. Resources pulled from warehouses and smuggled south where workers are gathered to harvest the incoming meteors.

Darius (Color) – Investigating Artemus files, trying to find out what happened to Rostov.

Artemus (Conflict) – Finds Darius digging through his files.  Fight over what to do with the Mundus Humantus (DoW). Agree to arrest Sodalis and then investigate Archcotare.

Kristoff (Interstitial) – waiting for Heiser when he returns to his apartment. And asks him about scanning devices. Heiser advocates for Roman to install security.

Roman (Color) – Spreading the word that Psychologists have the worm to the imperial forces.

Maneuver Results

Roman and Darius work to learn more about the factions spins wheels while the investigation into the Archcotare’s responsibility for the EVA-6 pushes ever forward.

Thoughts on this game

This was the most “human” my FoNs have ever been. Brendan just wants to keep his grandson safe, and he’s a soldier by nature (despite the psychology DoW) so he can’t win Draven over with words, he’ll turn to force, especially since he believes Draven has “The Worm.”

I like that Heiser and Roman are working together. Roman is a dirty worm of course, but the merit of Burning Anything is that if the dice say “you do X” then you do it, and it doesn’t matter if a scheming asswhipe is going to betray you later, you still did the thing. So both sides can work together on short term goals, and do so earnestly, even if long term they will be enemies.

I think Brendan has done enough dickery to Draven (calling him to stand down with the war, and trying to take Cason) that Gawain will finally have the courage to tell Draven that Brenden has “The Worm” and it was given to him by Artemus and Kristhoff… because everyone knows the worm mind controls you.

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