Actual Play – Burning Taramai, part 2 (7/30/2012)

GM: Sean Nittner
Players: Shaun Hayworth, Kristin Hayworth, Eric Fattig, and Scott White
System: Burning Empires
Planet: Taramai

We started the game doing Artha awards for last session. After that the players discussed what maneuver to take (I had already picked mine before the game). Once we got started playing it was 9PM.  Several of our color and interstitial scenes were quite short but the building and conflict scenes were all very protracted. All this meant we didn’t finish a maneuver this session. My hope is we get fast enough that we can roll them out regularly once we start the new campaign.*

Man, knowing Burning Wheel does not mean you know Burning Empires. I keep having to look up Circles OBs, and what skill to use for things. It’s a good process to become more proficient with the system but slow. And we haven’t tackled firefight yet.  Next session!


I had already picked flak (Artois closing his defenses by hulling slaves and and Dermot making a blanket attack with the tectonic interference device.

Wisely, foolishly, or both, the humans chose Gambit. They are giving up access to the mines where they collect water from (already in short supply in the camps) to divert the Ganesh forces away from the camp while they make an aggressive assault!

 List of scenes

VaylenArtoisInterstitialArgument with Dermot over the Aadau clan's claim over the "stock" vs. the Vibhuuten's plans to hull them and move on.
HumanGraceInterstitialDiscussion with Marcus at the outcast camp. "We need to get them back"
VaylenArtois (via Junior)Building SceneThe hell you will. Junior, infuriated with Marcus and Grace blame them for losing Kessling and Routhy. He tries to kick them out of the camp but relents to keep them if they accept him as the leader.
HumanKesslingInterstitialKessling asks Routhy what to do if his son is a Vaylen. There is no response.
HumanRouthyBuilding SceneRounded up slaves to prepare for the coming firefight. Unfortunately his contact was the Vaylen sleeper Jepard.
VaylenArtoisColorKessling sees Jepard and Routhy planning something and then sees Jepard report back to the Vaylen.
VaylenDermotInterstitialDermot shows Routhy the plans they have for terraforming Taramai and asks him to be his father once more (accepting a Vaylen hydrologist)
HumanMarcusConflictMarcus tries to trick Artois into moving his troops into the mines while the outcasts attack, but is tricked into revealing his love for Shoshanna.
HumanKesslingBuilding SceneBreaking out of his cell, beating up one of the ganesh to recover his weapons and belongings. It's on!


We ended just before Grace leads the assault. Our first shot at firefight next game!

Thoughts on this game

*Given our session length I think we should plan on doing the “2 maneuver per session” scene currency even though we’re just doing one maneuver per session.

Does Flak still get it’s offensive roll against gambit, or is just proper fucked like Rebuttal vs. Feint.

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