Actual Play – Burning Carom – World Burning (9/17/2012)

GM: Sean Nittner
Players: Shaun Hayworth, Kristin Hayworth, Eric Fattig, and Scott White
System: Burning Empires
Planet: Carom

We all got together excited for some serious world burning… and this is what we made:

Dude… what it with Burning Empires and tables man? It’s like you need them!

World Burner ChoiceVaylenHumanNative SettingNotes
All WorldsFreeman, Outcast, Criminal, Underworld, Vaylen
Core World231228Carom - Comoran Worlds
Partial Life Supporting303231Only poles inhabitable, center is a covered in dense un-breathable atmosphere, and unstable geothermic activity. Prisoners and entrepreneurs mine the area for rich soils that are used for agriculture and as fuels.
Predominately Liquid312024Muggy and humid atmosphere
Naturally Rugged213132Dense vegetation at the poles. Broken earth and magma rivers in the center.
Low Index231222SpacefarerGeothermic energy capable of fueling the EDA7 (a space station in order that creates gravity wells to control the collision of asteroids into the planet's center
Theocracy141302TheocracyMundus Hummanitis controls the world, but still reports off world to an Imperial Stewardship
Yes, factions exist411(available factions below)
Religious Orders231114
Hysterical Fear444333Having the "worm" in an accusation made much like "he's a commie". Totally misunderstood but used as a weapon of hate just the same.
Ram Materials123132Soil/Fuel from the center. Ore from mined asteroids.
Basic Quarnatined333222Advanced quarantine for any traffic destined for the polls. No quarantine for the center.
Tightly Regulated150411
Human Bonus: World1
FoN Bounus53
Civilian Commune033South Pole ex-convicts and refugees. Very poor and little access to planet's resources
Imperial Beauracracy213Off planet power. Responsible for aiding the Theocracy and ensuring the empire's needs are met
Indigenous Lifeforms303Giant Trap-Door Spiders
Merchant League204In charge of construction of the EDA7 (after disaster with the EDA6). Behind schedule
Theocratic Institution312Cyrean sectarians who believe the Mundus Hummantus is morally bankrupts and corrupt.
City Names:Not available on planet:Sex Trade
Alexia (Capitol)Military Manufacturing
Buckman's Folly (Cap of the south)
New Vandis (city under Cyrean Control)Regulated on planetMarriage
Immigrant Labor (must convert)
Medical Practices/Hospitals

Carom, in case you didn’t gather, is one messed up planet.

A religious divide there is everything short of a religious civil war between the Mundus Humanitas and the Cyrean herecy.

The planet itself was once wealthy but is now just a resource suck for the empire. The Theocracy keeps asking for more money to fight the heretics, but can’t come through with it’s major project, the EDA.

The Merchant Guild has been trying to successfully build the EDA for years. They are on the the 7th model and are ready to throw in the towel. The plan for the space station is to create intense gravitational fields that would drop orbiting asteroids into the planets uninhabited “center”, which could then minded for very rare ores.

The commonwealth to the south is made up of impoverished ex-prisoners who have built there own community but do not have a space port or orbital access to leave the poor region the have been given. Except for the lucky few, most are serving out lifetime sentences simply due to the logistics of leaving.

The imperial bureaucracy is fed up with how expensive Carom has gotten. They’ve send “reinforcements” but instead of being there to fight a war, they are their to try and reclaim some of their losses.

And to top it off, “Vaylen” is a curse word used to describe someone who has different beliefs than you. The people on Carom accuse anyone who acts different than they do of being a Vaylen, with no real idea what the word means. Yay!

Thoughts on this game

I really, really want the first phase to focus on Carom’s internal politics. Enough so that I’m not bringing any vaylen into the story yet. It’s a gamble, they may feel alien by the time they arrive later in the phase, but it’s critical to me that the players (and myself) be invested in this world and it’s human issues before we get all gung-ho worm hunting.

I’m excited about the world. After we made it we came up with some character concepts. A league member sent to ensure the EDA7 is complete. A member of the imperial bureaucratic sent to try and keep the peace. A cotar fomas leading the MH army and an inquisitor, here to stamp out the heresy! Yay.

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