Actual Play – Blue Gene – Tearing down the system (2/20/2013)

PTADirector: Leonard Balsera
Cast: Rich Rogers, Scott White, and Sean Nittner
System: Prime Time Adventures
Show: Blue Gene

We picked up from last game to finish the episode and get ready to ramp up to Frank’s spotlight (next ep).


Act 3 – Scene 1 (Sloane) – We open with Alarcon going to the Grand Design. He’s totally flaunting his corruption and wealth. You know, snorting lines of coke off strippers tits kind of flaunting. Shaun West shows up and immediately Sidding and Sloane can tell something is wrong. He looks tense and unstable, and he’s making a b-line for Alarcon… and he’s packing heat.

The flip determines if Sloane can keep things under control…and he can’t. Shaun pulls his gun and Sidding takes a bullet to prevent it from going into Alarcon. Sloane takes Shawn down but the scene ends with Sloane and Sidding (currently suspended) and Shaun (who tried to kill a man)  in a book room. Alarcon walking away Scott free.

Act 3 – Scene 2 (Frank) – The scene opens with Frank  using Yamamoto tech to track the police station monitoring back to a skyscraper in downtown LA. He is interrupted by Indra paging him to come down to booking. He finds Siddig, Shawn West and Sloane (and some others) in the booking office and discovers Shawn West’s neurological implant. Sloane is in holding (not booked), Siddig is sent to the hospital, and Shawn West is taken to Alisha Cross. The doctor, a specialist in modified behavior psychology realizes that Shaun has a neurological implant that is literally controlling his lower brain functions on a primal level. The flip determines if she can remove it… and again Lenny draws the hearts on us. Shaun dies in the procedure, but there is a burst of energy as the chip is deactivated. The audience sees the special effects of of Shaun’s neural data stream enter the pervasive computing in Alisha’s office.

Act 3 – Scene 3 – (Siddig). Cross visits Siddig in the hospital and once the bullet was removed, he was already nearly recovered (thanks to his re-sequencing).  Alisha is clearly upset, as she’s realized what Siddig did to go behind her back. She makes him an offer to lay off the surveillance if he stays away from Sophie, but ends up accepting (yah, the cards were finally in our favor) his counter offer. She can keep her kill-switch on him, but she had to use her influence to get Sidding and Sloane, but mostly Sloane, back his badge.

Act 3 to 4 Interstitial – Paperwork going back and forth and and Garrentt dropping off the badges to Frank. “I don’t know how you did it, but I’m going to find out.”

Act 4 – Scene 1 (Sloane) – All three of the protagonists are together, getting their badges back and and suiting up when they get an urgent message from Malory “Help”. She’s in the hospital and a thug is coming to clean house. We take down the shooter but he’s actually just a targeter for a rail gun. Sloane tries to save Mallory, but his first duty is to protect the patients in the hospital. He manages to clear them out, but just as he’s about to get to Mallory’s bed the gunner opens fire and decimpates everything in the room. Siddig leaps from the building onto the chopper and crashes it into a building.

Act 4 – Scene 2 (Frank) We get the location of the building and have confirmation they have LAPD resources (it was an LAPD chopper). We mask one of our choppers as theirs and land on the room. There is a small skirmish to get in. We bust into the doors of the server room, we see the entire board of police commissioners. Commissioner Jack Steele tells us we have nothing against them. Nothing except them creating a human bomb… Alarcon, who is clearly a toady, panics and a fight breaks out to arrest them all. Alarcon dies and we arrest the commissioners, thought is’s a brutal take down (they are of course, all Blued).

Act 4 – Scene 3 – (Siddig) At Mallory’s funeral Danielle pulls Sidding asside and tells him what happened with her and Mallory, that she was responsibly for her death, and asks him to keep it a secret. He agrees, but make it clear its not for her, it’s for Sloane.

Thoughts on this game

Sloane continues to be my personal hero for all the fucked up emotional shit he goes through. I have retroactively given him another fan mail for that last scene for the secret that is now being kept from him.

For my own part, I get too excited playing Siddig and want to blow shit up and give curt dismissals. I realized I had words for the commissioners, and more for Danielle (specifically that I wasn’t doing this for her, but for him, Siddig fucking can’t stand Danielle right now), but my mouth words weren’t on it. Doesn’t matter, was still a fucking awesome episode.

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