Actual Play – Blue Gene Season 2, Episode 2 (1/23/2013)

PTADirector: Leonard Balsera
Cast: Rich Rogers, Scott White, and Sean Nittner
System: Prime Time Adventures
Show: Blue Gene

When a game sits dormant for six months, my experience is that it’s dead. People may talk about ressurecting it, but changes are slim. There’s something magical about this game though. Even after six months, I knew this game would still have the fire in it. Before we event started playing I was sure of it.

It totally did. We all got into a hangout, started talking about the last game and I instantly fell in love with the characters. And by the end of the session, I was even more excited about the turmoil they were in.


None of our characters had a high screen presence this episode (Frank and Siddig at 1, Sloane at 2) so we decided that this one would be more plot-heavy, than character drama. It didn’t matter, our characters were still all messed up. I loved it.

Opening Scene

We started with a really long opening scene. Long enough we decided the credits would have to be rolled into the show and the normal. The Blue Crimes Unit was working their way through a list of suspects, up the food chain as it were. They had District  councilman Jacob Alarcon dead to rights for charges connected to re-sequencing and just about every crime you could commit involving abusing your power in office.

And then it all unraveled. Literally, before our eyes, like Amazon recalling a book on Kindle, our case files, holo images made of hard-light, evaporated before our eyes, and moments later Lt. Neil Garret showed up to deliver Frank two notices. Siddig and Sloane were being suspended. Boom! Roll credits.

Act 1 – Scene 1

Sloane was having dinner with Danielle, meticulously cooked by his wife, following his grandmothers recipe. That’s when he dropped the bomb and told her what happened. And, as Danielle would, she freaked out. She was enraged…and wanted to seek the truth to come out. Sloane was the best cop the force had and people should know that!

It was a tender moment, when he stopped her mid-rage, told her her that the dinner she made was fantastic, maybe even better than his grandmother made it, and that things would work themselves out. She was so angry, but relented. It was his call. And we saw them being adorable.

Ace 1 – Scene 2

Frank Hunter payed a visit to Mr. Yamamoto. We got to see our mysterious pseudo-benefactor’s homestead and it was a thing of classic (for 2059) majesty. He lived in an era past, one of chrome samurai, mecha and katanas. The two powerful men struck a deal, Yamamoto would give Frank the access he needed to fight the corruption in the LAPD, and Frank would offer to Yamamoto his personal security clearance, which included otherwise inaccessible details of Frank’s past. As we watched Yamamoto’s eyes widen reviewing Franks files, he momentarily took and nervous glance at the decidedly-not-decorative katana on his wall. Frank’s was more than he expected. “You could have done anything you wanted Mr. Hunter…and you chose to work for the LAPD.”

Next up…Siddig is pushing Sloane’s buttons.


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