Actual Play – Atlantic City Character Creation (6/4/2010)

GM: Shaun Hayworth
Players: Sean, Travis and Fattig
System: Dresden Files (woot)

So we’d settled on Atlantic City last meet, this time it was characters.

Travis went for a Monoc Operative named Sven. If you haven’t ready Changes yet, but have read the earlier Dresden books, he works for the same company that Gard does, which suffice to say has their own interests. He’s an Emissary of Power, and a recent one at that, having only entered the company’s employment during/after Desert Storm. Template: Emissary of Power.

Fattig is a were-spider. This Italian guy who looks and talks like he could be mobster but hates the mob vehemently. Raised in Atlantic City, when he left for MIT he spit on everyone on the way out. Now he’s back and he’s learned a trick from his Grandmother, turning into a giant ass spider, which is apparently great interest to the Red Court. As Donney likes to say (or as Fattig likes to say) “Ah, we’ll burn that bridge when we get to it.” Template: Were-creature.

I’m playing Saul, a new age Jewish thaumaturgist that practices feng shui, geomancy and the alignment of energies. His largely maternal family lived in New York (broadway actors) but moved to Atlantic City for political reasons, specifically the quality of life improvement and abolition of anti-Semitic values. Yes, his family is ushering forth a new power in Atlantic City: The Jewish Anti-Defamation League, much to Saul’s embarrassment. Sadly for Saul one of his first clients that wanted to know about aligning energies was the owner of Dukes, the mob boss of Atlantic City, who decided that wizards and the mob go together like spaghetti and meatballs. They both have their own code that they live by. None of them will go to the police when they get in trouble. And neither one liked newfangled technology. Now he’s under their thumb. Saul’s High Concept: Mama’s boy Thaumaturgist. Issue: Mixed up in the mob. Template: Sorcerer (minus the evocation).

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