Actual Play – Are You on the Take? (2/14/2011)

GM: Sean Nittner
Players: Steve, Omar, Travis, Alex, Chris and Fattig
System: Dresden Files

Writing from my iPhone so a short AP for sure.

I took some advice from Lenny and did almost no prep for this game. 15 minutes to create three opening scenes to kick three aspects in the pants and see where they went.

We start with Raoul in Limo with Armand’s thugs roughing him up. They want the watch, they know he doesn’t have it and they are willing to put a major hurt on him to get it. “Ice my arm down coach” is Raoul’s trouble, and when a ham handed thug threatened to break that arm, things got ugly.

Meanwhile, Monroe, aka “Mab’s Choice” was told to frame a mortal for murder. And will have to use Rose’s connections to get to him. It should be easy, he’s her dad afterall.

Finally, we see VC and the Ltd mid-coitus when it hits him (after she asks why he won’t kiss her) that Tony Si-Yen is addicted to a Red’s saliva, and case or no case, that means Tony could lead him to one of them. If meant harrasing an otherwise helpful witness and leaving LT very irate but “rules be damned when the Red Court is involved”.

And from those three pushes magic happened, which included the other three characters as well.

And now… Off to the Con!

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