Actual Play – A sack FULL of treasure (10/11/2013)

torchbearer-rpgGM: Josh Curtis
Players: Justin Evans, Sean Nittner, and Greg Bailey
System: Torchbearer
Dungeon: Mines of Angocost

Back in the mines! We started up again with Varg waking up, not remember what just happened to him, and Beren with his sword at his throat! Karolina calmed the dwarf and the party agreed to make came and try to make sense out of what happened.

Turn by Turn

Turn 7 – Karolina, with the aid of Beren and Varg secured the camp, bottling them up inside the abadoned officer’s quarters.
(Survivalist (beginners luck) Ob 3, Success. Wow!)

Torches go out!

Camp Phase

Varg (Instinct) – Cartography Ob 2, Success. Mapping: Roof, throne room, barracks. (Help from Beren and Karolina)
Karolina (Instinct) – Mentor (teaching Varg to fight Ob 4, Success). A bruise on his head taught him to keep his spear up.
Varg (Spell) – Wisdom of the Sages – Arcanist (Ob 1, Success)
Varg (Spend 1 Check) – Scholar – Reading the Book (Ob1 due to wisdom of the sages, help from Beren, Success). In it he found the private thoughts and ideas of Jaha Agnocost, self absorbed thoughts of a court noble. In the edges of the book there are some scribbles in arcane writing (Celestial Music), and his last words.

“I, prince Jaha Agnocost, third of his name, believe his end is near. The dwarves are rioting. We closed the gate and sent the guards at them but they overwhelmed us. We tried to open the gates, but water seeped through. I will cast the scepter into the deep shaft and into oblivion.”

Karolina (Check)  Looks for more flammables that could work as torch (Surivalist (beginners luck) Ob 7. Result: Fail. Twist: Water is dripping down the walls. The tide is rising)

Adventuring Phase

Beren lights a torch, Varg a candle
Turn 1 – Following the text, we set off down the shaft. Beren leads us down the shaft (Dungeoneering Ob 4, Fail. Result: Angry)
Turn 2 – Lower down we found a vein of gems! Varg uses Alchemy to help dissolve the stone. Acid that will eat the stones. (Ob 2. Alchemy, Success)
Karolina lights a torch
Turn 3 – Beren mines gems out of the wall. Laborer Ob 3 (Success. Gets 1 slot worth 2D treasure).
Turn 4 – Traveling further down we found a natural cavern with phosphorescent lichen. Varg tries to make an impromptu lantern out of the lichen (Alchemy Ob 4, Fail: Condition: Exhausted)
Hungry & Thirsty – Torches and candles out but we now have a lantern made of lichen!
Turn 5 – Karolina tries to scavenge up some lichen (Scavenger text, Beginners Luck, Ob 3. Fail).
Lizard creatures appear from the water.
Turn 6 – Standing our ground to fight them off!
P: 8, Lizards: 6 – Defeated but we suffered a compromise (Beren is Injured).
Loot found:  Gear (Wine), and Stuff (Rusty keys, Child’s Dolly)

Thoughts on this Game

We avoided some early conditions by chewing through our food. Now that we’ve gotten to the bottom I’m worried about torches and food. Let hope this pool has fresh water! If so, I’m filling up the bottle and life is good!

Josh is way more creative than I am. Just saying.


  1. Justin

    Turn 6: We also found ‘lint’…but it was so lame that Josh banished the result. Also…calling that stuff ‘wine’ was a stretch.

  2. Josh

    It is not that I am more creative… it is that I am only in a couple games a month at most. I have lots of time to think about one or two games. You are a gaming machine…. That many games and I would be manic (and soooooo happy:)!

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