Actual Play – A job for Skurlock (11/7/2017)

GM: Sean Nittner
Players: Karen Twelves,  Adrienne Mueller, and Eric Fattig
System: Blades in the Dark

Notes as I have them. The Offer

Elke and crew paid a surprise visit to Scurlock, were terrified of the ghosts trapped in the waters outside below his manor.

Scurlock shows concern (genuine?) for Elke, and disdain or indifference for her servants (the other PCs)

He presents them a small but increcibly intricate lighting cage (carried by Bastion), which he wants them to put in the furnace of Bellweather. (note, not a coincidence. He told Elke he wanted her to get something into Bellweather a long time ago, the society just decided as long as they were going in there, they might as well get two jobs done at once. No sweat!)

Hix recognizes the cage as something crafted by Una Farros (Sparkwright).

Let’s think on this

Back in the Devil Hunter’s Hall the cage is studied and found to have not one or two, but many many more. Soldiers, housekeepers, goat herders, midwives, adepts, chimney sweeps, factory workers. 144 in all.

Harland (erm professor Harland) summons Una to look at the box, but she arrives with Argus and Beaumont, who have been wanting to see the Hall now that it’s back in use (mixed result).

Yadvyga distracted the other two professors with a tour of the building while Elke took Una down to the lab to ask about the cage. Una was surprised to see it still existed! It was a theoretical marvel but once created, her research was stopped because of the potential that a critical mass inside could form a spirit well once they were released. She never got to see what happened.

Other affairs

Hix meetings Needle (who she pissed off by asking about Master Slane’s books?) and took the job (and found out about Master Slane).

Yadvyga finished he ritual to trap a the demon Setarra, which requires removing her from her element, but that also required Yadvyga to remember back to her own demonic heritage. She saw a dying demon passing on their power into a human and knows that she opened a conduit her demon ancestor. And with this connection open she will never be able to return to Tycheros.


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