Actual Play – A bitter Inheritance (9/3/2017)

GM: Sean Nittner
Players: Alex Roberts, Kristin Firth, Rachel E.S. Walton, John Staropoulos, Laura Simpson, Clio Yun-su Davis, Gavin White, Jason Morningstar, and Shervyn von Hoerl
System: Inheritance

Many thanks to Scott Morningstar for building a pyre for us to send Grandfather away on!

This game was overwhelming and inspiring to watch, and delightful to facilitate. The passion brought by each of the players and the commitment they had to their character’s values and fears was amazing. Part of that was a deep interrogation of what those values where, where they came from, and if they still held true even when confronted with violence against those we love and respect.

Spectacular Moments

I’m writing this AP report several months after the game, so mostly I just remember snippets. Here were some of the highlights that linger:

Fulla (Kristin) ferociously protecting the civility of her hearth and home. Inviting who she chose to the table and suffering no objections to her decision.

Tyr (Jason) bitterly fishing out the prayer stick that Daxo (Alex) cast into grandfathers Fire. Alex’s response of confusion and disgust with his pettiness.

Ansgar (John), knowing he would be scoffed for being a man of the cloth, but insisting on following his dedication to Thorvald and his family, and doing so compassionately in the face of hostility.

Gefjon (Clio) employing her own knowledge of runes and divination to cast fortunes, and terrifying everyone with her ill omens and owning the voice of Odin.

Thorvald (Rachel) and Ansgar having a late night private scene as Thorvald asks for Ansgar’s advice but can’t hear it. The possibilities in front of him, and the content of the will, which Ansgar hints at, suggest he betray everything that he’s believed, and yet his old beliefs aren’t helping guide him now either.

Rán (Gavin) weeping at the loss of her past love, and at the sight of all her prospects washing away, meanwhile consoled by Gefyon, who promised all would be well.

Gefjon trying to make a helpful gesture to Daxo, that she would heal him, but him misunderstanding and slaying her. Tyr and Ansgar (Shervyn) arriving and terrible violence erupting. So much death.

Ring (Laura) trying to hard to be earnest, be a good soon, go on adventures, and court Rán, and being helpless to stop all of that falling apart.

Such a great game!

Pictures from the Game


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