Episode 2 – Interview with Brennan Taylor

Hi and welcome to This Just in… From Neoncon.  This is our second and last pre-con show.  This episode I’m talking with Brennan Taylor from Galileo Games about his current projects and excitement to check out CreativeU at Neoncon!

Hosts: Sean Nittner and Brennan Taylor

Length: 16:46 | Download

Show Notes

[00:17] Brennan Taylor of Galileo Games and formerly of Indie Press Revoluion drops in this week.
[00:27] Sean and Brennan discuss the perils of public speaking.
[02:19] Brennan’s upcoming project: Kingdom of Nothing with Jeff Himmelman! Pre-orders starting in December
[05:39] Brennan will (maybe) publish your game.
[07:00] Kingdom of Nothing: a long time brewing
[07:41] Bulldogs! Brennan’s other project.  A new incarnation using Fate.
[10:02] Alpha testing for Bulldogs starts soon.  Drop Brennan an e-mail to get in.
[10:26] Tales from alpha testing.  Dresden Files and Dogs in the Vineyard.
[11:08] Where to find Brennan at Neoncon.  Register for CreativeU!
[11:42] Catch Brennan giving a talk on his first foray into publishing and other panels
[12:34] Tabletop RPG design workshop: Create a roleplaying game in just one day with Brennan, register at http://www.neoncon.com/creativeu/schedule/
[14:08] The Con experience: Are you gonna play in a game, or take that one step further and actually make a game?
[15:14] Brennan’s Fiasco playset: The Jersey Side.  Smuggling organs for fun and profit.
[16:04] The next episode will be recorded at the con.  See you there!